Drew Madden: an Expert in Healthcare Consulting and Developing Caliber Teams

Drew Madden is an IT expert and the principal of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a guru in epic systems, Electronic Medical Records, and Healthcare Information. Drew Madden’s educational background is in industrial engineering.

 Drew Madden’s career history and achievement

 Drew Madden first job was at the University of Iowa as a student advisor; he worked at this facility for four years become accepting a job at Cener Corporation. During his tenure in this company, he spent time implementing clinical applications at hospitals in Chicago. He acquired certification from Emar, PharmNet, and CPOE application modules. In 2006, Drew Madden took up a position with Helthia Consulting/Ingenix where he helped implement Epic Inpatient applications across the Midwest. While working at Helthia Consulting/Ingenix, he helped the company acquire certification in Inpatient Procedure Orders, Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Medication Orders, and Willow. He has also worked as a regional sales director at Ingenix Consulting. In 2010, Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. took up a position at Nordic Consulting Partners where he worked as the executive vice president for seven months. Nordic Consulting is one of the top consulting firms. This company has also won numerous awards and has been ranked position one for excelling in the provision of Epic implementation services. Under Drew Maddens leadership, Nordic Consulting Partners grew to a 725 employee firm and increased its annual revenue by $130,000,000. He has also been able to grow the company from a three client to 150 partners.

 Drew Madden’s role at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

 Drew Madden currently serves as the managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a company he helped establish. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the top provider of IT services to clinical facilities in the country. This company provides a broad range of services for its vast clientele. This privately held firm works with a team of specialized individuals whose goal is to create long-lasting relationships with customers. Evergreen Healthcare partners are committed to providing specialized advisory services for HCIT applications and HER platforms. Drew Madden works tirelessly to ensure that both his staff and customers feel empowered to achieve more, improve outcomes, maximize their IT investments, and double end-user satisfaction.

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