Dr. David Samadi, a celebrated is a doctor who specializes in urologic surgery majors on open, robotic, oncology and laparoscopic surgeries. He is also a chief robotic surgeon at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He was born in the year 1964 and raised a Persian Jewish society of Iran as a Hebrew. In the Iranian Revolution that took place in the year 1982, he and his brother left Iran and moved to London and then Belgium 6 months later. After the movement, his parents who were left in Iran arranged for them to study in a private school while living in a boarding facility that was managed by a couple in the United States.

Dr. David Samadi completed his high school education and joined Stoney Brooks School of Medicine and specialized in Biochemistry. He later joined SUNY Stony Brook where he earned an MD in the year 1994. He studied at Montefiore Medical Centre where he completed his postgraduate in the field of general surgery. In the year 2001, he completed his oncology fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and later studied robotic prostatectomy in Henri Mondor Hospital in France and Urology in the Albert Einstein Medical School.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. David Samadi has been a very compassionate and good doctor to his patients. Out of his excellent treatment of patients, he has won several awards in his career. Some of this awards include; New York super doctor in the year 2004, most kind-hearted doctor in 2010, 2011 and 2013, Top Americas doctor in cancer field in the year 2009-2013, selected by the New York magazine as best doctor from the year 2009- 2012 and 2015 and also the top 1251 doctors in the state in the year 2013.

On average, he performs 15 prostate cancer surgeries in a week. One of his patients was Mitt Romney, a nominee of the Republican Party of the US. Dr. David Samadi announced that Romney was diagnosed with curable prostate cancer and after successful surgery, he was free of cancer. With the many prostate surgeons around the globe, he stands to be the first to perform the SMART technique, a surgical procedure that he developed, on patients. SMART technique is a way of performing surgeries that involve complex processes and fewer body incursions.

During an interview with ideamensch, he advices technologist and inventors to venture into the world of robotic and medical integration since he believes that there is future in it.

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