Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Revolutionizing Fashion through the Techstyle Fashion Group

Techstyle Fashion Group is a product of the dream of two ambitious me, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who had the least of experience, let alone knowledge of the fashion world. The company has many subsidiaries functioning under its roof, examples being beauty and accessory companies and membership-based clothing. Don and Adam, through their strong will to succeed and give quality end product, have produced exactly what the consumers desire.

Adam Goldenberg has been in the business world for quite some time now. He started his company at a tender age of 15. Games Alliance was his first company, which was involved with the designing and advertising gaming websites. Later on, in 1999, he sold the company to Intermix Media and became their associate as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By the time he was 20 years old, he was already in the Chief Operating Officer position.

Don Ressler also joined the Intermix Media in quite a similar format. He had created his own website, Fitness Heaven, which he later sold to Intermix in 2011. By then, he was aware of the growing fashion world and delved in checking out different online companies. This gave him the oomph to kick-start his venture into the fashion business which he has pursued to date.

It is at Intermix Media that Don Ressler and Goldenberg built their friendship which has proven worthwhile over time. In 2006, they joined hands and created Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company. Thanks to their skills and personality compatibility, they were able to grasp ideas from different companies quickly and merged them to come up with their unique brand. With the experience gotten over time, they considered creating an alternative method of online shopping.

Don and Goldenberg were aware of the trendy fashion world and what was most sought out in the market. With these in mind, JustFab was born. JustFab gave their members the opportunity of getting personalized sportswear and accessories on a monthly basis. The company incorporated the technique of mixing and matching fashion pieces to ease the load of finding a suitable product by their consumers. By 2016, JustFab was rebranded to Techstyle the name, being inspired by the intended fashion and technological blending.

Techstyle has not only sought out to prosper financially but also to ensure social satisfaction. They have produced clothing that boosts confidence on the way their customers look when doing the specific intended activities. Confident people are at a better chance of building a better society through whole-hearted contribution. Techstyle has not been left behind in taking care of the society by taking part in charity contributions.

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