Dean Omar Branham Shirley is Tough on Big Business

Attorney for the defense, Mark J. Buha, has spent a career as a passionate advocate for mesothelioma victims and their families. Since completing his law degree from Washington University of St. Louis School of Law in 2011, he has been working with Dean Omar Branham Shirley(DOBS) 

Before joining Dean Omar Branham Shirley, Mr. Buha was more interested in becoming a professional athlete and coach. He even pursued that while attending Duke University as a part of the Varsity Track and Field and the Cross Country teams.

As he matured, he discovered he had a knack for writing persuasive communication. Mr. Buha began to exercise the ability to use logic to win arguments. Working with Dean Omar Branham Shirley allows him to pursue that passion of representing clients that face the injustice of the industries that caused the illness. 

Having the ability to view each client as a personal friend or family member allows him to give each client the same devotion. He has also expressed his gratitude for being able to speak for those who may not otherwise have a voice. Mark Bruha feels honored to be a part of the team at Dean Omar Branham Shirley that tackles these complex cases.

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