David McDonald: Guiding OSI Group towards Greater International Success

The consumer foods market is marked by cutthroat competition with hundreds of companies jostling for market share. Surviving such a market calls for visionary leadership and a strong understanding of the organization’s culture, operations, and market forces. For years, OSI Group has dominated the global value-added proteins market. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, the company was one of the leading suppliers of food products through its subsidiary, OSI China. It was a remarkable achievement that was symbolic of the company’s high-quality services and reputation on the global stage. At the core of the company’s remarkable and admirable success is David McDonald; a company veteran who has served as its president since 1987. Under his leadership, OSI Group has expanded its operations to 17 countries where it runs over fifty facilities and plants.

David McDonald has guided the company to significant success built on strategic expansions and acquisitions which have helped OSI Group consolidate its position as an industry leader while improving its service delivery. In 2016, he led the Group into the purchase of Baho Foods, a Dutch food company with operations in Netherlands and Germany in addition to 16 other countries. This was a strategic move aimed at ensuring that the Group increases its operational footprint in Europe and adding to their already excellent customer experience. McDonald held that with the inclusion of Baho Foods within the OSI Group umbrella, the multinational corporation would be better placed to meet the ever-changing customer needs through increased product portfolio. He also played a major role in the 2016 purchase of Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago and Flagship Europe. He has also overseen the company’s expansion in China through DOYOO Group, a joint venture.

Education and Professional Background

David McDonald is a multi-skilled corporate leader with a strong academic background. His over three-decade experience in the industry began with a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University. He specialized in animal health and graduated from the university in 1987. In addition to his current role at OSI Group, McDonald lends his expertise on animal health his chairmanship position at North America Meat Institute.

Over the years, David McDonald has built a remarkable reputation as a suave leader with excellent vision and strategic business development skills. He is an excellent supply chain manager, contract negotiator, and marketing strategist who has seen OSI Group acquire high profile customers such as McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s and Burger King among others.

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