David Giertz Advising Seniors on How To Spend Retirement Wisely

It is possible to spend money after your retirement. David Giertz believes it is practical when people plan about it. The plan should involve saving money, creating a spending plan, organizing about insurance and daily spending. People should also spare some money to have fun and take a vacation. The greatest problem people have is to save money. It may be difficult to do so, but it becomes easy eventually.

After developing a habit of saving, it becomes uncomfortable to spend it. People with a lot of money will be unwilling to spend it because they are not used to extravagance. After retirement, it is entirely right to spend savings. No one should feel guilty enjoying their savings. After all, it was meant for use after retirement.

Many Americans have substantial savings after retiring, contrary to common belief. Some old people have died without ever enjoying their lives. They sacrificed to save money, but after retirement, these people were reluctant to use it. Sadly, their relatives inherit this fortune that was meant to serve the rightful owner.

About David Giertz

For more than thirty years, David Giertz has worked in the financial service industry. David is an excellent strategist and innovator. His processes have created profitable growth after implementation. Recently, Giertz was heading the sales and distribution of Nationwide Financial. His operating methods raised the organization from eleven billion to almost eighteen billion dollars.Apart from Nationwide Financial, David has worked for retirement plans, annuities, mutual funds, specialty markets and life insurance.

These were divisions in banks, brokerage firms, RIA and IMO among others. Apart from working in the corporate sector, David has served the community by participating in its organizations. He is formerly the chair of Millikin University board of trustees. It was important for David to serve in this institution because he is an alumnus. David received his MBA from the University of Miami and also pursued a BS from Millikin University.

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