Contemporary Art Collector: Adam Sender, Restructures Life

Art collecting is a hobby for some, and some take it to another extreme. In 1998, a young Adam Sender began buying and collecting contemporary art. Over the past couple of decades he had managed to amass a huge collection, sure the be the envy of any other art collector.

Adam has had an amazing eye for art, often choosing works from lesser known artists. The works are often by artists who are close to become much more prominent figures in the art world. Adam has had much success with his choice in contemporary art pieces.

Starting at such a young age, Sender had amassed a fortune within his art collection by his early 40’s. In 2014 when Sender was only 45 years old, his art collection was estimated to be worth over $70 Million. Most art collectors would only dream of such a collection over a lifetime, not in just a few decades.

In 1998 around the time Sender began buying his art collection, he also started a Hedge Firm called Exis. Sender started a small movement at the time, Hedge managers who were also art collectors. Many other Hedge managers were envious of the collection Sender amassed over a couple decades.

In 2014 Adam Sender did a certain “re-structuring” of his life. Major changes took place, he decided to put some of his art collection up for sale. Famed auction house Sotheby’s was charged with facilitating the sale, of a large portion of Mr. Sender’s collection. He also closed his Exis around this time. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

Sender didn’t only sell paintings, he also arranged for the donation of many works. He donated these chosen works to various museums. This wasn’t the first time Mr. Sender has made the decision to part with some of his art pieces. In 2006 he sold around 40 pieces and netted a reported $20 Million for those pieces.

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