Christopher Cowdray And Creating Unique, Elegant Hotels

As one of the leading figures in the luxury hotel industry today, CEO Christopher Cowdray demonstrates through his development of the Dorchester Collection that assembling a successful hospitality brand requires both discipline and real estate knowledge. Both skills have enabled him to succeed in a highly competitive field.

An Extraordinary Collection of Hotels

The prestigious chain of properties within his company’s portfolio do not fit an image of standardized upscale commercial units; rather, every single site maintains highly individual amenities of its own. A guest could travel between different Dorchester Collection suites in multiple countries during a trans-Atlantic vacation and encounter an interesting, unique atmosphere during every visit. This variety adds an elegant, affluent quality to the logo Mr. Cowdray oversees.

His background allows him to use experienced real estate judgment in emphasizing the specific ambiance of each of the magnificent establishments included within the group. From magnificent English country estates to sprawling, glitzy Bel-Air California icons, the amazing properties in the Dorchester Collection remain a credit to Christopher Cowdray’s managerial talents. How did he develop the skills to encompass so many distinctive, fine hotels into a single cohesive, highly successful, hospitality domain?

Managing Hotels in Many Different Places

Christopher Cowdray benefits from an extensive background in the hospitality industry. After graduating from Columbia University Business School’s Executive Program he served as a manager at upscale hotels in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Consequently, his career allowed him to observe the daily operations of facilities offering world-class accommodations to overnight guests in many different settings.

He honed his ability to distill the essential aspects of providing first rate service in the hospitality industry in any location, a talent that he has transferred to the benefit of the guests who stay at Dorchester Collection properties. This accomplishment contributed to his receipt of a prestigious industry award, the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.

Guests who visit only one of the Dorchester Collection properties likely form favorable impressions of their stay in a unique and welcoming hotel environment. Yet they may also develop a preference when traveling for selecting other hotels owned by the brand in order to sample the distinctive settings of each locale. No two are exactly alike. By capitalizing on this feature, the Dorchester Collection and Christopher Cowdray have obtained the highest possible accolades from peers in the hospitality industry.

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