Chris Burch: Resort Full of Dreams

Chris Burch is known for his expertise in fashion. His success in the fashion industry has inspired him to try his luck in an unrelated venture, hospitality.

Chris Burch, along with his partner expert in the hotel business, James McBride have completely renovated and reopened a island beach hostel and turned it into a five star vacation spot location on an Indonesian island called Nihiwatu (

The two entrepreneurs purchased the beach hostel in 2012. It was completely renovated and opened back up in 2015 as a beach resort. By 2016, the resort was voted the best hotel in the world according to Travel and Leisure.

The pair spent approximately $30 million dollars in renovations to improve the hotel and make it into what it has become. Chris Burch made the purchase for his children in the hopes they could help preserve this piece of paradise, check

Chris Burch states, it is was not too difficult to make Nihiwatu a five star resort because on an island as beautiful as this one it can make it easy to add amenities that would not be found anywhere else.

Most of the time, a project turns out less than what was in the plan, but with this resort, Nihiwatu has turned out more amazing than they ever thought possible.

Nihiwatu is made up of 27 private villas and this includes Burch’s private home which includes a private home and four other villas each with their own private pool. Chris Burch spends a lot of time on his resort in Indonesia, but he also enjoys spending time in Miami and the Hamptons equally as much.

Chris Burch is known internationally for either being the founder or cofounder of retail brands such as tory Burch and C. Wonder. His hospitality venture on in Indonesia proves he can be successful in a variety of industries.

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