Chris Burch Receives Many Awards for Nihi Sumba Island

A Place For Family and Friends

Chris Burch and James McBride, thru their $30M investment and a desire to have a special place to share with family and friends, transformed a small part of Sumba. “Nihi Sumba Island,” is a 5-star resort area and ranked by Travel + Leisure Magazine readers as the #1 place in the world to visit ( In an interview with Business Jet Traveler asking Chris Burch why he undertook such a large enterprise, Chris Burch responded by saying he wanted a special place to take his family.

Sumba was once called “Sandalwood Island,” and is the size of Connecticut and a little larger than Hawaii Island. It takes 50 minutes for a regular flight to travel from Bali to Sumba. The Island has a population of 600K.Chris Burch has a big stake in Nihi Sumba Resort because of what he is fond of calling a place “for my children.” Chris Burch is excited about being able to give back to the local community thru Nihi Sumba Resort.

Nihi Sumba Receives Many Awards

Nihi Resort has received awards and praise from significant travel magazines and newspapers. Asia Spa, in 2015, it was named “Resort of the Year.” Travel + Leisure named Nihi praised it for being one of the exclusive 50 hotels to visit in the world. It was celebrated by Pure Life Experiences as “Best in Design” in 2015.

Chris Burch

Chris Burch, who was born and raised in Pennsylvania, admits his struggles with attention deficit disorder as a youth. Chris Burch credits his Father for his role model in being the one who always stood out with “integrity and the truth.”

After the dust more or less settled in doing labor for his Father, Chris Burch decided to go into business with his brother and started Eagle Eye, which was an apparel business for young girls. He and his brother sold the company in 1998 for $60M to the Swire Group. Eagle Eye started with a $2000 investment.

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