Ricardo Guimarãe from BMG bank – Honored by Belo Horizontel’s City Hall for his distinguished works

Ricardo Guimarães, ex-President from BMG Bank, received on April 18th, 2011 a Merit diploma from Belo Horizonte’s City Hall; DINO published. Guimarães is son of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães and grandson of the BMG bank founder, Antônio Mourão Guimarães. He started working for the family business since 1980, and attained a Bachelor’s Degree from UNA University in Business.

Ricardo Guimarães, originally from Belo Horizonte, is a prestigious and respected leader from Brazil by leading his family business with excellency. Being passionate for soccer, he was President of Atletico de Mineiro, where he discovered that it was a great way to promote his brand, BMG bank. Given the wide broadcast of soccer in Brazil, he became successful in sports marketing, giving sponsorship to several teams and players.

The ceremony was initiated by Léo Bourgeois de Castro, which mentioned the effective work that Guimarães did for Atletico Mineiro when he was president from 2001 to 2006; and also stated that he received the Grand Collar award from the Legislative Merit in 2004. Fred Costa, also mentioned how Guimarães succeeded as a businessman, working with loyalty and ethic, and supporting different sports in Brazil like soccer, tennis and volleyball.
Fred Costa stated that BMG bank was the “national sports patrons” since, Ricardo Guimarães in 2010 created the Soccer BR1, which was dedicated to invest in soccer athletes. Through Soccer BR1, he was able to invest around $20 million in different players that are now able to play in diverse soccer teams from Brazil.

Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor, honored the entire family because of their commitment to support and promote different sports in Brazil. He also mentioned that Ricardo Guimarães has been an example for the society. The House chairman proceeded to read the diploma and handed, with the help of Daniel Nepomuceno, it to Ricardo Guimarães; while Fred Costa handed him a plate in his honor. Guimarães gave thanks to everyone, and mentioned that it has been an honor to have continued his grandfather’s legacy by being from of BMG.

The ceremony was attended by: Secretary of State of Government, Danilo de Castro; President of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), Mr Dinis Pinheiro (PSDB); Congressman Wellington Prado (PT); the Municipal Secretary of Finance, José Afonso da Silva Bicalho Beltrao, represented Mayor Márcio Lacerda (PSB); the state representative Luzia Ferreira; Luiz Otavio “Ziza” Valadares; State Representative Savio Souza Cruz (PMDB); Judge Jose Marcos Rodrigues Vieira; Deputy CEO of the National School of Magistrates (ENM), Judge Jose Nepomuceno da Silva, which represented the Association of Brazilian Magistrates; Flávio Guimarães Pentagna, Ricardo’s son Flávio Guimarães Neto Pentagna and also Angela Guimarães.

CEO Kenneth Griffin Is Preparing For The Slow Growth In Asia

Ken Griffin didn’t become a billionaire hedge fund manager by not paying attention to what’s happening in the global market. Griffin’s company, Citadel LLC, prides itself on identifying market trends. The concern over emerging markets has investors scratching their heads, and some of them are pulling out of those markets altogether, but Griffin thinks pulling out now may be a mistake. Even though the World Bank recently cut the growth forecast in Asia by at least 2 percent, Griffin is not giving up on the Asian market. In fact, Ken Griffin doesn’t ever give up.

Mr. Griffin’s story should be a modern day course in investing on college campuses. Griffin took a bad situation and turned it into a winning career. When the recession hit in 2007, Griffin and Citadel were at the top of the hedge fund world. The next year, Griffin was broke and Citadel was ready to close. Even the limited partners wanted to get out of the Citadel situation, but Griffin put his foot down.

Griffin went looking for help, and he got it from some financially secure friends. He decided to take a huge risk with the money he borrowed from those friends. Griffin bought assets that looked like they were dead on arrival back in 2008, but the famous hedge fund guru knew better. Within a couple of years, those assets were back, and they were producing big returns. Investors in Citadel regain faith in Griffin, and the company rose from the ashes.

The recent stock market crash in China and in other countries has made a lot of investors nervous, but Griffin is staying the course. According to website insidermonkey.com, even though the World Bank thinks 2016 is going to be a tough year for investors that have Asian assets, Mr. Griffin is not giving up on his company’s assets. Griffin knows that what the Chinese do during their internal transition will set the tone for Asian investments. China’s 2016 GDP output is estimated at 6.8 percent by the World Bank, and based on the GDP forecast for advanced markets that is a solid performance. The only country that could outperform China is India. India is another emerging market.

Investors that are familiar with Asian assets know that Griffin is right. Asian investors are at the mercy of China even if they don’t manage any assets in China. East Asia represents 20 percent of the world’s economic growth and China knows it can hurt those countries in terms of trade, investments and other money generating things like tourism.

But Griffin believes China will exceed the World Bank’s 2016 forecast based on the theory that oil prices will increase and China will have to increase the amount of imports they bring into the country. Construction is hurting in China and other Asian countries, but that is a short-term issue, according to Griffin. Companies like Caterpillar are taking a beating in China, but the solution for pulling out of the construction slump is one of China’s main priorities. Ken Griffin and other investors think the country needs more infrastructure in order to achieve their consumer based economy plan.