Mikal Watts – Farmers Should Sue Syngenta

According to The Street earlier today, Mikal Watts has taken it upon himself to lead a cringing case against Syngenta, a Swiss seed manufacturer, about GMO corn issues. Watts and his team of legal participants who are connected with another firm, Watts Guerra, made a stand against Syngenta hereditarily altering the varieties of corn that was produced in 2013 and 2014, that which China declined to import. This small rejection from China ultimately made farmers around the United States lose a majority of their profits because of the decreased value of corn.

American farmers provide twenty percent of the corn that is exported around the world. China discarded the corn from the United States because Syngenta changed the genetic foundation of it. This caused billions of dollars in loss to the United States corn industry, and farmers have suffered from this dramatically. Mikal Watts wants farmers in America to know that they need to fight back. It was not right what Syngenta did to the GMO corn, and they need to pay the price. Even though Syngenta is only accredited to three percent of the United States corn, the fallout held extreme damage to corn farmers in the nation.

Agriculture lawsuit cases are known far and wide to the Watts Guerra team, making this legal matter something they need to tackle. Because of Syngenta, China refused to import millions of bushels of corn from America. Not only does this hurt the economy, but it hurts the livelihood of the farmers who make food for this world. Mikal Watts and his team are ready to take care of this mater, and they are promoting all corn farmers in America to sue Syngenta.