How O2Pur Differentiates Itself From The E-Cigarette Competition

E-Cigarettes is an interesting industry with many players. There are completely independent companies in this industry as well as other companies that are owned by the big tobacco companies. The industry has been consolidating in recent years as sales growth has been solid for many of the companies in this industry. Some of the big names in the E-Cigarettes industry are British American Tobacco, O2Pur, Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris.

Companies like O2Pur have succeeded because they offer a number of things that other business participants in this industry don’t offer quite as well. First, this company offers a superior taste as it is a premium e-juice supplier, including e-juices that are made right at home in the United States. Their products feature many flavors such as strawberry, cherry, ripple, coast, green apple, and blueberry. For those that love the taste of conventional cigarettes, they also offer a tobacco flavor as well as one that is menthol.

Beyond having so many flavors to choose from, e-cigarette manufacturers also offer other benefits to the users of this products. For one, they are more convenient. You don’t need to have a lighter or matches to use their products, for instance. Also, you just carry the one device with you rather than a pack of 20 cigarettes that can fall out onto the ground if you’re not careful.

Another benefit that E-Cigarettes have over their conventional brethren is that it’s a lot less expensive. Across the United States a pack of cigarettes costs $7.04. If you’re a person who smokes a pack a day, like many people do, that adds up to about $2570 a year. E-Cigarettes weigh in at about $1388 a year, on average. That’s about an extra $1200 a year in your pocket by making this relatively simple change.

O2Pur maintains an active Twitter page so that people can learn a lot about the company and their products. They also offer a $200 shopping spree giveaway currently for those that like their page. The qualification for this marketing campaign is that you like the page, post a comment, and share the page with a lot of other people.