Retired NBA Pro Teams With Development Company To Rejuvenate His Home State


Shaq is returning to his roots, at least for awhile, the famous basketball star is heading back to his hometown of Newark, New Jersey to do two things that he loves, help inspire kids to be active and play basketball. O’Neal will be cohosting a high school basketball tournament there aptly named “Believe in Newark.” He is pairing up for the second time with Boraie Development to improve the Newark area, according to an article on Although Shaq moved out of the area for college and professional basketball he still holds the area near to his heart and stays involved in the community. In the past he has also made his way home to help open a brand new movie theater, the CityPlex12 Newark, with a $7 million dollar price tag. The Newark area has had very little development in many years so anything new, big, and substantial is a big deal. Shaq attributes the reason that he stayed out of trouble as a youth as being able to go to the local movie theater and participate in the Boys & Girls Club. He has since been involved in both of these areas in the hopes that their existence will benefit many more children and teens.

Boraie Development LLC truly believes in the bright future of New Jersey, they have been focusing their efforts into modernizing the area. Their latest development is happening in Newark with the city’s very first high rise apartment building; it is the first of its kind in over fifty years. The company specializes in urban development, beautifying forgotten, decaying areas that have struggled over the course of time. New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City are all locations where Borarie have begun, and completed, substantial work. They partnered with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in 2012. His star power, and love for the people of the area, has helped fuel many projects that have all gone to bettering the community.