What Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly Thinks Of Bitcoin

Several financial experts, including former Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly, have warned against people putting their money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s in a huge bubble that is going to at some point implode, he says. He, like everybody else, doesn’t know exactly when but the rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin over 2017 has every classic sign of a bubble.

The example that Paul Mampilly talks about is the stock market crash of 2000 and 2001. From 1999 there was a mania about investing in every company that was in the technology sector. Even companies that barely anyone had heard of saw the value of their stock go up by hundreds if not a thousand percent or more. Industry stalwarts like Qualcomm Inc. weren’t immune to this phenomena, either, which was up at one point almost 2700%. Eventually, like all bubbles, it popped. The value of tech companies across the board plummeted and some went out of business dropping the value of their stock to zero.

Bitcoin was valued at about $1000 at the start of 2017. By the middle of December it was close to $20,000. Many other cryptocurrencies have also shot up by similar percents. People have made money on Bitcoin, many just on paper, but many also refuse to sell. They have become emotionally attached to the cryptocurrencies and can’t see what is happening with the value are completely unreasonable.

Paul Mampilly ran a very successful hedge fund while he was on Wall Street. The hedge fund he ran for Kinetics Asset Management was judged by Barron’s as one of the best there was in the world. In 2009 he won a challenge called the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. In the competition, each hedge fund manager started with $50 million and the challenge was to see how much they could turn that sum into in one year. Paul Mampilly got first place in this challenge which cemented his reputation on Wall Street.

Having grown tired of Wall Street and its excesses, Paul Mampilly retired early to live in North Carolina. He now writes Profits Unlimited which is a newsletter that in its first year reached over 60,000 subscribers. In the newsletter he provides investment tips and advises in regards to investing. He can often be seen on financial channels such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History and Mampilly’s “#1 Stock for 2018”

Excellent Brain Solutions At The Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers

Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers are reputable health service providers offering brain health solutions. Neurocore was established in 2004 and has nine branches in Florida and Michigan. These centers include Bloomfied Hills, Grandville, Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, Holland, Livonia/Metro Detroit, West Palm Beach/Palm, Kalamazoo, and Sterling Heights. Mostly, they treat patients suffering from depression, autism, migraines, stress, ADHD, anxiety, and sleep-related issues. Neurocore Treatment Center offers a free consultation to its clients before it schedules a brain assessment session.

Neurocore Brain Centers specialize in performing brain assessment based on data and training programs that help enhance the patients’ brain concentration. Due to the excellent work in the brain field, the centers have emerged as the national authority to reckon with in neuroscience. Neurocore use advanced technological methods to comprehensively evaluate, diagnose, and treat brain problems.

During treatment, the specialists provide a personalized and safe program to assist in training the patients’ brain while minimizing harm. They make use of special sensors are used that record electrical activity of the brain. This data is then analyzed to indicate the source of the symptoms and a program is developed to focus the problem. Electroencephalogram (EEG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA) and Behavioral Checklist are some of the methods that are used to build a client’s profile.

The unique brain map for each individual is used to design a customized program. Through repetition and positive reinforcement, the brain is trained to function more efficiently through neurofeedback sessions. Neurofeedback uses brainwave mapping and software that give feedback in real-time by monitoring brainwave frequencies. It helps the brainwaves to continuously work at their optimal ranges. This helps to eradicate unwanted symptoms and develop certain aspects such as stress management, attention, and focus.

Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers have a 45-minute biofeedback and neurofeedback session that utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity. It involves viewing a film that plays while the speed of the brain is in the therapeutic range and stops when the brain is out of range. With the advanced technology and experienced specialists, Neurocore Centers offer the best brain treatment.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden is one of the best when it comes to her field of work. Dr. Walden is an American plastic surgeon, media commentator, and she is also the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Her center is based out of Austin, Texas, this is where it all began.

Jennifer was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Her parents had very high paying careers as well, her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. Walden attended Anderson High School and earned her diploma. She then went to the University of Texas to receive her undergraduate degree in Biology. Jennifer Walden was not satisfied after that, she knew there was more work to be done. She eventually applied for medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. All of her hard work and studies had paid off, she graduated at the top of her class.

After Walden finished her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Walden then thought it would be best to pursue more work. She received a fellowship in aesthetic. She pursued her dreams at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden stayed at that hospital for seven and a half years.

Due to her dedication, Dr. Walden was able to get involved in trials that led to the new and improved silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden uses nothing but the best advanced technologies with her clients. She is able to use a 3-D imagine technology system that is able to visualize what the patient will look like before the surgery. She is also able to use a radio-frequency system for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

With success comes positive attention, Dr. Walden was generously featured on ABC News as an expert commentator about plastic surgery. She was also one of a few women to be selected to be honored on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

Know the Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota, Including Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis

Many churches around the world are considered as architectural symbols, and people who traveled to Europe would have seen some of the most beautiful churches in the earth. While coming to Minnesota, the state can proudly say that it also has some magnificent churches in the North America. It is great to know some of the most beautiful churches in the State. Cathedral of St. Paul located in St. Paul is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the state built on French architecture and displays Classical themes and French Renaissance. It was built in the 1900’s, and it has a 186-ft high dome.

Church of the Sacred Heart located in Freeport has a unique interior design that attracts every devotee. It is a small church and offers an excellent view from the interstate. The ornate-rich interior is another compelling aspect of the church. Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis is another beautiful church that showcases the architectures of Beaux-Arts and Baroque. It has a highly ornate interior and considered to be the most beautiful historic church in the city. It was built in 1900’s, and it conducts a music festival in every summer named the Basilica Block Party – a fundraiser program for local charities and the structure.

Mighty Fortress Church located in Minneapolis is another beautiful church in the state. It is a recently built church that offers a unique ambiance to the devotees. An ideal place for prayers and worships to connect with Jesus Christ.

The church offers an enjoyable experience with no repetition of meaningless rituals every week. It asks the devotees to focus on what God has delivered to them and worship him in return as a gesture of thanks to the endless love of Christ.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder and senior pastor of the church, and he has been active in the service for more than 30 years. His ministries are focusing on the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that is notified in the word of Christ. Bishop Williams completed his ministerial graduation from the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also completed his B.A. degree at North Central University, Minneapolis, in Mass Communications.

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MB2 Dental Streamlining Business Operations at Dental Clinics

One of the biggest reasons why many dental clinics fail to make a good reputation among the public and don’t become as successful as it ought to be is due to the reduced administrative services. Many times, the dentists who start their independent practice get adventurous and instead of hiring professional help, do everything on their own, starting from hiring employees for the dental office to monitoring and supervising every aspect of the business operation. As good as it may sound, one cannot deny that it is a tiring process and can hamper the performance of the dentist.

Running a dental office is not an easy task, and even if the dentist is highly reputed and learned, there are many other services that a patient looks for from a dental office. From booking an appointment to receiving a follow-up call and from billing and accountancy to credentialing, every aspect of how to run a dental practice successfully needs to be streamlined. MB2 Dental helps in streamlining the business operations of a dental office efficiently. The company takes care of credentialing, human resources department, billing, recruitment, auditing, appointment scheduling, marketing, and so on. Such services help in increasing the popularity of the dental clinic and also contribute to increase the turnover of the dental practice.

Many dentists have gained considerable success through MB2 Dental and trust the company to deliver quality services at economical prices. There are endless benefits that a dental practice can get by getting affiliated to MB2 Dental. Once the administrative and business part of the dental practice is taken care of efficiently, the dentists can focus on providing efficient and effective treatment to the patients. It also helps in improving the performance of the dentists and the ability to see more patients through the day as there is very minimal time loss due to other administrative tasks.

At present, more than 80 dental practices in the United States are affiliated to MB2 Dental, and much more are enrolling now and then. The company believes that the dental practice can be a successful, profitable and efficient provider of dental treatments at the same time. MB2 Dental works towards removing all the roadblocks in running a dental practice successfully by streamlining the business operations at the dental practice. The standards of care and treatment standards are completely in control of the dentists, which means that the dentist or the business owner doesn’t have to worry about losing control of the functions of the dental clinic.

Money and Philanthropy

Mention the company Highlands Capitol Management to people in north Texas, and they will probably envision Jame Dondero. This Financial mastermind is the company’s co-founder and he has built an nontarnishable reputation in hedge funds. however, high-yield investments may not be his only specialties. Rumor has it that HCM is looking to branch out into other fields, including real estate. However, the most exciting news about the company may be their work with charities.

Building the Future

While Mr. Dondero made his name as a financial wizard, he should also be noted for his generosity. James Dondero is the co-founder of a company that had more than $15 billion in assets but he hasn’t let this success make him greedy. In fact, HCM’s recent work with The Dallas Foundation prove just how charitable Mr. Dondero can be. The Dallas foundation is one of the oldest charities in the Lone-Star state and they’re well-known for their work with the community. Last year alone, they provided more than $1.4 million in scholarship money to 539 students. Now this charitable organization can do even more good thanks to the partnership with CRM.

James Expalains his Generosity

When asked about the partnership, James explained that HCM actually works with a number of different charities in the area. These include The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science and The George W. Bush Presidential Library. With such an impressive track record with charities, it’s no wonder that HCM was able to raise more than $3 million for The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero, A True Dedicated And Hardworking Businessman

James Dondero is a successful businessman who is also the President and Founder of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero’s experience spans from many years having worked in the equity and credit markets and with a strong focus on distressed investing and high yield investing.

Since it started back in the year 1993, his company has been in a position to become the pioneer when matters related to the development of loans with collateral are concerned,developing credit oriented solutions as well as helping retail investors from around the world with finance are concerned.

Before joining Highland Capital, he was GIC’s Chief Investment Officer and was very instrumental in bringing the company from inception to figures exceeding the $2 billion mark between the years of 1989 and 1993. Prior to joining the company, he was the Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express before then becoming the Portfolio Manager in the same company. He made his professional career debut in 1984 when working for the Morgan Guaranty training program.

James is well educated and it’s no surprise that he is able to carry out his responsibilities with so much knowledge. He is a University of Virginia graduate who was able to get the highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma as well as Beta Alpha PSI). He is also a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce with a double majors in Finance and Accounting. He also received the highest certification as a Certified Public Accounting.

He is also involved in a lot of philanthropy activities that are related to improving the living standards of communities. He is still involved in a lot of public office work and currently serves as chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank as well as Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also an active board member for a wide array of institutions involving the MGM Studios as well as American Banknote.

James can be well described as an individual who truly believes in the value for hard work. He is strategic and manages to make a mark not only to his own self but to the community at large as well.

View: http://www.jamesdondero.com/market-insight/

James Dondero Successful Business and Financial Executive with Three Decades of Experience

Making it big in the financial market is no easy task, but it is what James Dondero has achieved so successfully. James Dondero as ensured that his company, Highland Capital Management, become one of the most successful financial services companies in the country, and it is so on today’s date. James Dondero has close to three decades of experience in the financial industry, which has helped him understand how to keep a close watch on the market movements and what to do to reap maximum profits while minimizing risks. It is his experiences that he uses constructively to provide his clientele with Highland Capital Management financial consultancy and other associated services. At the moment, Highland Capital Management has more than $20 billion in assets under management, which makes the company one of the biggest in the United States. The company has been branching out internationally as well and have offices in other major commercial cities of the world as well.

Apart from co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been associated with many other companies and is on the board of directors of huge conglomerates, such as MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation. James Dondero is also associated with other major companies, including Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. One of the reasons for which James Dondero is highly known for is his mastery on the productive use of the CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation. James Dondero has studied at the Virginia University where he studied finance and accounting. He started his career by serving as the Chief Investment Officer at the GIC’s Protective Life Subsidiary.

James Dondero is also a chartered financial analyst as well as a certified management accountant, which adds to his credibility as a finance executive. His expertise to understand and speculate the market movements and trends has helped him make some very crucial decisions during his career, which is what has helped James Dondero become one of the most famous finance executives in the industry today. James Dondero also loves to give back to the society and is associated with many local charities and welfare organizations.

James Dondero Successful Businessman:

James Dondero is currently the President of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has over 3 decades of successful experience within the equity and credit market industry. James Dondero mainly handles high yield investments due to their profitability factor.

Highland Capital Management generally works with retail as well as institutional investors on a national level. The company offers mutual funds, hedge funds as well as CLO’s.

James Dondero is presently the Chairman of Cornerstone Health Care as well as Nexbank. In addition, Dondero is also a board member of MGM Studios. He is a strong advocate of higher education as well as veteran affair issues. It is quite evident that James Dondero is an ambitious and experienced businessman.

James Dondero was involved with Protective Life Insurance Company for a period of four years. Mr. Dondero was a valuable asset to the company due to the fact he helped build a subsidiary of Protective Life which eventually grossed over 1.3 billion dollars.

Mr. Dondero previous business experience includes Bond Analyst for American Express. In addition, Dondero also held a position as Portfolio Manager while at American Express.

James Dondero began his business career right out of college when he accepted a position with Morgan Guaranty. Morgan Guaranty offered an exceptional training program which helped Dondero build a strong foundation for future business success.

James Dondero Graduated from the University of Virginia with top honors. In addition, he also attended the Mcintyre School of Commerce in which he studied Accounting and Finance. Mr. Dondero is also Certified Management Accountant. He also holds “Chartered Financial Analyst” status.

In 2016, James Dondero was elected to serve on the executive board of the Southern Methodist University. Mr. Dondero is considered to be a valuable asset to the University.

James Dondero is quite successful and he shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Dondero believes success is attained by setting goals and following your ambitions.

Mexico’s remarkable project in oil and gas sector

Talos Energy LLC is one of the most renowned oil and gas company which deals with offshore exploration and production. It has a vast, collaborative and powerful organizational culture where employees are encouraged to develop innovative and creative ideas and steps that can help the company to grow and become prominent among its competitors.


The company gained a huge attention when the project of drilling an oil well from Mexico owned waters was handed to it. Due to this project, the company became a part of a very important and memorable moment for oil and gas industry in Mexico. Almost after eighty years, any foreign and private company has been assigned to carry out this project.


Since this project is of extreme importance to Mexico, the stakeholders thought of assigning this projet to more than one companies. Thus, along with Talos Energy, Seirra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil PLC will also be working on this project. These three companies were selected with the help of a bid. The bid was carried out with an aim to introduce foreign companies to oil and gas sector of Mexico so that, the extraction of oil and gas can be increased to a greater level. Before this bid, the higher officials of oil and gas sector realized the slow demise of this industry. That is why they thought of taking help from foreign industries. This bid started in the month of May 2017. The well was named as Zama-1. The project will take almost three months.


Premier Oil PLC, one of the companies working on the project has announced about the anticipated contents of the well of oil along with the cost of investment. The Zama-1 oil well is thought to contain almost hundred to five hundred million barrels of crude oil. Premier Oil PLC has planned to invest almost sixteen million dollars in this project. This company has won twenty five percent rights of this project following Taos Energy who has won thirty five percent. Seirra Gas and Oil has won almost forty percent of oil stakes.