Graham Edwards: The Force Behind the UK’s Top Company Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is one of the UK’s largest property companies. It has significantly impacted the establishment of the 21st century property market of the United Kingdom. Telereal Trillium currently manages a portfolio of 86 million square feet, which constitutes 1% of the UK’s workforce. The worth of these properties combined sum up to £6 billion. This is a notable and an impressive development, which is proudly attributed to the company’s CEO, Graham Edwards.

Edwards has been leading the position of the CEO since the very inception of this company in 2001. His first deal is seen as a precedent that has influenced the culture of property companies in a number of ways ( Edwards expanded Telereal into a 30-year strategic property partnership with the British Telecom, which is now known as BT Plc. The reason why this idea was the crux of progress and growth for Telereal was because it involved ownership affiliation with a company that owned the majority of the estate in the UK. The acquisition of BT Plc was a £2.38 billion investment, which allowed Telereal to enlist 6,700 properties under its asset management. The combined area of properties totaled up to 59.2 million sq ft. This perceptive deal with BT enabled Telereal to become what it is today. Prior to this venture, Telereal operated as a joint venture with a company called the Land Securities. Telereal, a company which once began with an initial investment capital of £50 million, today serves £1 billion worth of assets under its management.

Under the guidance and investment acumen of Graham Edwards, Telereal once again saw a major mark in which Edwards negotiated a deal that resulted in him acquiring Trillium from the Land Securities in January 2009. This deal did not only raise the company’s worth but also served as an example that highlighted the company’s leadership skills and potential. The company exhibited expertise in expanding itself, and growing property partnerships. These deals also underscored the company’s ability to make apt investments, and ultimately established itself as a company whose annual revenues surpass £1 billion.

With pre-existing knowledge in investing, Graham Edwards could not have found a better way to utilize this knowledge; He’s employed his skills in recognizing the value of the strategic partnerships that were going to boost Telereal on unprecedented levels. His role has greatly shaped the fate of this company and although, his first deal was pivotal to the success of the company, it wasn’t the only deal worth acknowledgement. Graham Edwards has continued to strike successful deals over the span of his career. His foresight into successful developments continues to aid him in leading the company to greater levels.