Perry Mandera’s Philanthropist Lifestyle through Custom Companies Inc.

Perry Mandera is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his family and going to church. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who works in the transportation industry. He started his own company called The Custom Companies, which was founded in February 1986. He employs over 300 works and his sales exceed $200 million. Mandera company prides itself on providing exceptional services at affordable prices and he also goes by a motto of “one call does it all”. This motto refers to the idea that his company offers an array of services, which mean that the clients do not have to worry about getting contracts with other companies because They will have everything they need in one place. He has two headquarters based in Northlake, Illinois and Los Angeles California, as well as other offices scattered around the United States. Before starting his company, he joined the United States Marines Corps Reserved in 1975 after graduating high school. The Marines sparked Perry Mandera interest in transportation because he had to learn how to drive trucks for motor pool.

After being honorably discharged from the Marines Perry Mandera became passionate about transportation and making a positive impact in the community. He used The Custom Companies to create a branch called The Custom Charities that catered towards provided different services to his community ( Through this company, he has been able to donate coats as well as other supplies to individuals in the Chicago area. Other charities that Perry Mandera is passionate about helping are disaster relief, needy children, veterans, the environment. He has coached youth sports, as well as coached boxers, two of which made it to the Olympics. He donates to organizations that promote positive fitness in children, but the one charity he is most passionate about is Jesse White Tumblers, which was founded in 1959. This organization is dedicated to preventing inner-city youth of Chicago getting involved with drugs and gangs. Due to Mandera’s passion for this organization, he decided to serve on the board.

The second charity that Perry Mandera gave his commitment to was individuals affected by natural disasters. More specifically those affected by Hurricane Katrina, the Illinois city of Washington tornadoes in 2013, and the wildfires in Santa Claus, California in 2017. He used the trucks from The Custom Companies to transport food, supplies and other necessities to anyone in need.

The last two charities that Perry Mandera focused on were veterans and environmental responsibility. He donated to several charities that helped veterans but Mandera also made it his mission to hire veterans at his company. Last, but not least Mandera worked with Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program, which focused on freight transport and their goal was to lower the level of carbon emissions per vehicle. Perry Mandera is a giving man and he has devoted his life towards help and giving back to his community.