U.S. Money Reserve boss holds secret meeting in Austin, Texas

Last week, U.S. Money Reserve head Phillip Diehl held an invitation-only meeting of top-level U.S. economists, planners and gold experts. The topic was the state of the U.S. gold market and how to leverage the current systemic risks facing the U.S. and global economies as a means of convincing potential customers of the powerful hedging value of gold and silver coinage.

During the conference, Diehl unveiled his recent report, “The U.S. Gold Report”. This sweeping report deals with some of the historically unique circumstances that now confront the U.S. economy. It details the consequences of the disappearance of high-paying jobs and their replacement with part-time, low-wage employment.

It talks generally about the ever decreasing purchasing power of U.S. citizens and the likely effect that it will have, in the coming years, on the economy as a whole. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-reports-how-to-protect-wealth-from-increasing-global-risks-in-exclusive-ebook-300475919.html

Diehl also touched on the consequences of sustained, historically low interest rates and the resulting run up of the Dow. In Diehl’s view, this is an overheated market, if not an outright bubble. Combined with the record levels of consumer debt and decreasing earning power of the U.S. tax base, and Diehl believes that it is clear there are immense inflationary pressures just over the horizon.

Diehl says that if hyperinflation does, in fact, take hold, then the only proven and effective way for the average American to hedge their live savings against it is through the accumulation of stocks of gold and silver.

Diehl says that U.S. Money Reserve is unique in its ability to provide a real hedge against hyperinflation because it actually delivers the physical gold and silver to the customer, not merely a contract stating ownership of it.

Diehl believes that this would become a crucial difference in the event of a genuine economic collapse, when contract enforcement could easily break down and stores of valuable commodities could quickly become vulnerable to large-scale theft.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Founded in 2008, at the tail of the mortgage meltdown, U.S. Financial Reserve is the brainchild of former U.S. Mint director Phillip K. Diehl. The firm was created as a means to bring the power of hedging through ownership of gold and silver coinage to the mass of Americans, who otherwise were often dangerously exposed to systemic risks.

Today, U.S. Money Reserve is the largest supplier of U.S. gold and silver coins in the world. It has brought financial peace of mind to millions of customers.