Handy Is The Uber Of The Cleaning World

Uber is one of those services that it’s hard to imagine never existed before. It’s on-demand business model has changed the service industry and has caused many similar companies to step up and try their hand offering similar concepts.

One of these companies is Handy, a home cleaning and repair service that operates out of 25 cities in the country, two in Canada, and even one in London. Recently, they announced they were making $1 million in bookings every week, for an incredible $52 million profit.

What is Handy and how is it made such a heavy impact on the industry? They are a company started just two years ago. They are focused on providing a wide range of services to their customers, including home cleaning and even plumbing repairs.

However, it is estimated that about 85 percent of their profits come from their cleaning services, which remain highly profitable. Though the company wants to expand its repair reach, it understands where its bread is buttered and continues to expand their cleaning services.

Why has their service made such a huge impact on the industry? Primarily because it offers the kind of “on-demand” service that is starting to become standard in a variety of industries.

Rather than being at the whim of a cleaning service’s scheduling department, Handy users can contact them when they need cleaning services, pick a specific and trusted professional, and schedule the time they want them to arrive. This gives users a level of customization other services can’t offer.

How do users make these appointments? While they can always call their Handy representative in their city, the best way to do it is to post a job online using their mobile app.

This app according to welldressedgeek.me, allows users to set up an appointment while on the go, such as during doctor’s appointments, while at work, during sports games, and any other time they can get on their phone. Adaptability of this type is crucial in the ever-increasing “on-demand” cleaning industry.

Will Handy continue to increase at this pace? With a jump from $3 million to $52 million profits in just one year, it’s easy to see that Handy has really tapped into something interesting.

Whether they’ll be able to consistently grow at that rate remains to be seen. However, it is likely that more businesses of this type will continue to appear as the market learns to accept this new model.