Charles Koch Financial Ties To George Mason University

George Mason University is a public school located outside the nations capital that has become one of the nations leaders conservative economics and law. This leading quality came partly from hefty donations from billionaire Charles Koch. Between 2011 and 2014 he gave nearly $48 million in donations to George Mason University, according to tax records. While through his foundations he and his co-donors generally give over $20 million annually, no other single school received more than $1 million in that time frame, except George Mason.

Koch and his brother David donate millions annually to numerous schools, and both brothers claim the money comes with no strings attached. The money is simply meant to fill in the gap left by shrinking public support. The last year that tax records were available was in 2014, and the records indicate that the Koch foundation donated over $16 million to George Mason that year alone. Recently, the school announced another generous donation from the Koch Foundation, a $10 million along with a $20 gift from an anonymous donor that is meant to rename the law school at George Mason after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Aside from the recent donations, most of the money that George Mason has received have gone towards the Mercatus Center, a free-market think tank that researches ways to educate about federal regulations and congressional staffers and how the arcane policies have influenced the direction of the government. The other bulk of donations from the Koch Foundation goes towards the Institute for Humane Studies, designed to advocate libertarian philosophies.

Charles Koch is known to be a very conservative political activist. He is focused on doing what he can to help form the country into what he thinks it should be. He is a strong believer in free markets and believes that government needs to be shrunk in order to allow the people more control in their lives. He is also a strong believer in justice system reform, a belief that he has found an odd companion in with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. While Koch leans more to the Republican side of politics, though he considers himself a classic libertarian, he has found that there are some talking points that he can agree with when it comes to the democratic socialist.

Koch has amassed an amazing fortune that sits in the billions of dollars, all from growing his families company, Koch Industries, and many wise investments. He and his brother David inherited the corporation from their father decades ago and have turned what was a small but incredibly profitable company into a massive multi billion dollar conglomerate that has put their names at the top of some of the worlds most impressive lists of richest people.

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