Uncomplicated Home and Business Tech Support Becomes Reality with Robert Deignan’s ATS Digital

Placing a call to tech support while at your office is usually a simple matter of contacting the Help Desk. Whether it’s your PC acting strangely, or you’re mired somewhere in the accounting system, the friendly representative routes your call to the appropriate support person. In your experience, you might share your screen, nevertheless, in a reasonable time, the issue is resolved, and you continue with your work day. Wouldn’t it be splendid if that was the case at home? Who doesn’t dread contacting support only to hear the recording that a representative will be with you momentarily, certainly expecting 30 minutes to an hour of frustration as you try to verbalize your issue and respond to inquiries. Accordingly, in 2011, Robert Deignan conceived to remedy that scenario with ATS Digital Services.

Consequently, six years later, ATS Digital became the first call center certified by AppEsteem, a cadre of cybersecurity experts evaluating consumer software applications. CEO Robert Deignan’s energies were instrumental in guiding ATS to a notable level of business practices to prepare for the rigorous compliance review performed by AppEsteem. In fact, there are more than 500 categories contained within 39 compliance parameters to complete before receiving certification.

Beginning his career in social media and digital services not long after graduating from Purdue, a young Rob Deignan, an aficionado of software and its applications, had co-founded Fanlink, an app enabling sports fans to interact with sports celebrities. Experiencing a successful tenure at Fanlink, Rob was named Executive VP at iS3, Inc., a software company offering internet security software. Interestingly, the support side of iS3 captured Rob’s notice, providing the kernel of an idea for a company offering call-in support to consumers and businesses. In 2011 the idea became ATS Digital Services, serving thousands of customers in eight countries and the United States.

Ordinarily, downtime is rare for CEO Rob Deignan, but you might catch him on the Outer Banks participating in a charity fishing tournament, giving back to the community.