White Shark Media Provides the Best Online Solutions to Small and Medium Businesses

White Shark Media is known by many as one of the top Digital Marketing Agency in North America. The company offers online marketing solutions to small and medium sized agencies. White Shark Media has gained acknowledgment among the fastest developing digital agencies in the region. The company can organize cost-efficient search managing campaigns while also offering world class customer services.

Many companies across the United States have significantly benefited from the assistance of the Boutique agency by using the company’s online marketing tools and tactics. Tracking of the clients marketing efforts has also been one of the company’s elements of achieving their success. White Shark Media ensures they are fully accountable to the customers by using proprietary reporting software, Google analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, and competitive intelligence. The company also enjoys a broad customer base that is constantly increasing every year. However, the company also receives a lot of compliments and complaints in equal measure. It helps them to identify the areas that they are excelling at and the areas that they should improve. White Shark Media has taken the compliments that customers advanced and utilized them to grow into the global corporation that they have become.

White Shark Media has three Danish businessmen co-founders. With the aim of conquering the developing SMB market in the US, the three entrepreneurs used their experience in both online and offline marketing to deliver outstanding products and services in the region. The combination of a talented and bilingual employee base with domestic and offshore presence has become one of the major factors that have contributed to the success of the company. White Shark Media utilizes proven concepts in serving their clients rather than testing from scratch.

White Shark Media has more than 150 employees in three countries. These employees have mastered various marketing tools including Google Analytics and Bing Ads, Display Advertising, and AdWords Search. It is an indicator of the growth that the company is witnessing and has even gone ahead to retain their first client. In early 2012, Google recognized White Shark Media’s rapid growth at the Google HQ in Mountain View California. At this event, Google assigned a team to leverage customers’ needs more intensely. In July 2014, White Shark Media was granted the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership following a close collaboration with Google. Very few agencies get this rare recognition as AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners are strategic partners that conform to Google’s training and eligibility requisites.

White Shark Media Review: Talk about the Perfect Match

In case you are looking for the AdWords Management service, White Shark Media is the best place to be. We as White Shark Media are the best at what we do, mainly because we have collaborated with the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner to give you a memorable experience. By engaging our services, we link you up with hand-picked agencies that have undergone Google’s kind of training so that they can deliver to your expectations.

Since our inception, we have been helping small businesses and medium-sized ventures fish out more clients from the markets hence their success. So far, we have made it possible for our customers to concentrate on their businesses as we work effortlessly to generate for them active leads. It is because of our industriousness that our company, White Shark Media, is now considered to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the Northern American front. As White Shark Media, we work closely with a team of experienced experts, using the latest technology. We operate under a common goal, and that is to dominate the SMB market in the US and Latin America so that we can be in a position of offering you with quality products and services. Currently speaking, we have grown from a regional company to a global conglomerate.

For the six years that we have been in operation, we have tried our best to build a perfect working relationship between our employees and our clients. To this end, we can boast of having retained some of our very first customers. Because we value our customers, we strive to provide an outstanding marketing experience at an affordable price through technology and innovation. With our free PPC Performance Evaluation, you can enjoy a risk-free assessment from one of our experts who conduct a SWOT analysis on your business and you as an individual with the aim of helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our approach is strategic and is meant to bring the very best in you so that at the end of the day you can reap the full benefits from any of your ventures. Our doors are always open for you.

All You Need To Know About Keyword Targeting with White Shark Media


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best way to increase brand awareness and also improve traffic flow into your websites. SEO will help any business get more visitors, hence increasing their chances for making sales. If you would like to use SEO to increase leads, you have to learn the right keywords to use. Here are some keyword targeting tips that you could use to optimize your presence on search engines.

Do a Thorough Research

The first step getting keyword targeting right is by doing a thorough research on the same. I remember there was a time when you would just stuff the most-looked up keywords on your site to enable you get a more traffic. Today you have to do your research well. The phrase that will be chosen will be the most common keyword that clients search. But you have to know how to use a variation of these keywords so that you also rank high when a related keyword is searched.

Group Your Keywords Into Categories

Once you have found a list of the keywords that you would like to use, it is important that you categorize them. They should be categorized to match the purpose of your target clients’ searches.

Incorporate Your Keywords in Titles and Headlines

Come up with great titles to illustrate what your business does. When doing this, ensure that you use your keywords strategically within the titles and headlines. Also, if you would like to rank highly in local SEOs, then you need to add a location at this point.

If you are looking to improve your online presence, it is important that you find a reputable company to see you through this journey. White Shark Media is one of the leading professionals in online marketing solutions.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media was founded in the year 2011 by Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart. The three had extensive knowledge in online and offline marketing industries. Therefore, when they came together, a very powerful combination was born. They have since been offering online marketing services for SMEs.

White Shark Media has received numerous awards for excellence. They are known to be on top of the list for the fastest growing digital agencies. Their great reputation has had a great impact on this. But there is also the issue of giving maximum attention to each of their clients.


White Shark Changes Lives In Small Business

In this troubling economic malaise that is engulfing the globe due to poor decision making in political circles, there is a ray of hope in White Shark Media. Thanks to the great balancing of technology and reach there is a life saver on the rough waters of turbulent economic recessions that never really end because of the socialism that has taken grip of the greatest free market system that ever existed. Despite the thwarting obstacles that have been thrown in the way of entrepreneurs and start ups in the United States, there have been some minute successes from those who have found a way around the quick sand.

White Shark Media is the top Digital Marketing Agency that is not being weighted down with a jungle of regulations to stifle its brilliant online marketing solutions that will allow small and medium sized businesses to thrive. That is the hope, until some government bureaucrat finds a way to put a straight jacket on it. Hopefully that will never happen because White Shark Media will be several steps ahead of them so they cannot shackled the customers who are so pleased with the results they are getting from working with White Shark Media’s online marketing solutions to raise their transaction rate with their online niche markets.

Julian Patrick of Stovefitters, said that his conversions have increased month over month with a CTR that increased from 1% to 2.92% in just a couple of months. He had been struggling to use Google Adwords and flailed around without having a clue as to whether he was doing anything right. He had little time to waste on the steep learning curve so he turned to White Shark Media and all the problems disappeared because he let them take the reins. Now he spends his time tracking phone calls and completing purchase orders.

Jorge Forte of Saico Equipment Rentals and Sales says that “The White Shark Media Team is a huge part of our success.” White Shark Media again will grow a business in about one week. Jorge’s PPC Strategist, Sabrina came up with a detailed plan to get quick results with a personalized touch. With the business focused in Latin America, a bilingual campaign was crafted by Sabrina which resulted in a maximum exposure that caused a spike in conversions and increased the reviews from customers.This has changed the lives of the workers at Saico Equipment Rentals and Sales for the better.

White Shark Media Fixing Their Problems

White Shark Media is a very successful SEO company, but they have become a company that has recently struggled with some bad reviews. You’ll find that while this company does provide amazing results, they did receive a couple complaints and questions about their services. However, they have used these complaints as a way to help improve their online business. You’ll find that their solutions have enabled customers to love what the company offers.

– Communication

In the past, they used to sort of neglect their clients and customers by not giving them an ample amount of helpful information to see more success. This is why they have made it their goal to do more conference calls and emails sent back and forth to help you stay motivated at what you do. With their communication skills better worked out, they have all the knowledge and skills to work with everybody’s in a more secure and reliable way.

– Adwords Campaign Going Up And Down

Some people struggle when it comes down to having an Adwords campaign. The struggle involved with building a new campaign and not knowing what kind of success you’re attaining. Aour previous clients have explained that they have seen very minimal results with their campaign, and this is why we have employed multiple people to handle every situation to enable for us to discover more success with our clients. We have the best Adwords professionals in the business, allowing us to help you more successfully.

White Shark Media Delivers

We are a company who has received some backlash in the past, but while they did say such things, we have been able to handle those people and others more successfully with time. We eventually were able to build relationships, create growth, and help people with their online campaigns. We know and understand the entire process of this industry.

As a team, we continue to look for new methods, new strategies, and new techniques to helps people achieve success. Our company works extensively hard to help any business or website owner get the marketing that they need to make more cash in their business. We have 180+ people working our staff, and this allows us to have people working on every single report and campaign to achieve as much success as possible. Give us a call today, and work with one of the finest SEO and Internet marketing companies in the industry.

White Shark Media Makes Typical Complaints A Thing Of The Past

When it comes to the online world, there is a growing efficiency that truly cannot be paralleled. Internet business has allowed people everywhere around the world to become interconnected, and in short that means that more and more creative and intelligent individuals can come together to manage the possible complaints like never before. However, the major problem that some people and businesses face is that when you do business with someone online, it might be difficult to track down the person who is most responsible for helping you when you need them.

White Shark Media has easily become one of the companies out there that other companies tend to model themselves off of. Instead of simply pointing fingers and making excuses, they have come forward to bring results to the table. Mistakes can happen and errors can always be made, but White Shark Media has just brought forth some solutions that will have their clients actually much happier than what they would expect from other companies.

Many business owners and individuals alike have gotten upset in the past for losing control of their adwords campaign(s). White Shark Media, on the other hand, has designed and implemented an entire system where they work with you each step of the way. By walking you through the entire process before it starts, you can be comfortable with the success of the plan and won’t have to worry during the campaign. You also won’t feel like the campaign is failing and you are on a time limit to fix it.

Another typical problem that deals with the communication factor is simply that many business owners or individuals don’t feel like they have a true individual assigned to you. It’s more about just calling a phone number and hoping that you get a real person instead of having a direct contact. White Shark Media has taken care of this entire process by simply scheduling calls with specific individuals on a monthly basis. Furthermore, they implemented actual phone systems that included direct extensions so that you know you are going back to the same person each and every time.

Most businesses don’t understand how to keep their customers happy like White Shark Media does. They don’t pretend to be perfect, but they are willing to stand accountable for potential mistakes of the past. When some clients mentioned that the communication lines weren’t as clear as they could possibly be, White Shark Media listened. The decision to improve communication is already paying dividends for all parties involved.

How To Deal With Customer Complaints

Customer service is an important part of a product that is included in the sale price. Being able to call a toll free number and talking to company representatives to find out virtually any pertinent information about a product or a service is both assuring and informative to customers.

Companies often are unable to come up with solutions to customer service themselves, and need to contract a third party company to provide customer service representatives. Sometimes companies do not have to go this far, but paying extra money to ensure that the customer service complaints will be fed and far between is more than worth it for companies.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that was founded in 2011, and is one of the fastest growing companies of its type. White Shark specializes in communicating with companies’ customers, to ensure that its customer base will maintain good relations with the company.

White Shark Media helps companies deal with complaints from businesses such as not feeling that communication between the company and client is not close enough. WSM has monthly calls that evaluate status and efficiency of those relationships, and offers phone systems with direct extensions. White Shark deals with many other types of issues, and is very reputable in the customer service sector.

Selecting the right company to oversee your businesses’ customer service relations is key to having ample customer relations. What happens if someone happens to complain about a faulty product? If a company does not handle that claim by refunding them with a new product, or at least a partial refund, that relationship is effectively ruined. The customer affected by the faulty product might boycott the company forever, and have bad things to say about the company.

Customer service should be handled through both phone and e-mail. While most people with e-mail addresses have phones, not everyone with phones have e-mail addresses, especially older users. Allowing customers to have the potential to contact a company through both mediums is very helpful for appealing to customers and satisfying their needs.

Choosing digital marketing companies that provide the services you are looking for, such as search engine optimization or telemarketing, is a great aid to having a successful customer relationship management strategy.