Strategic ways of Tackling Hacking through OneLogin: Game of Thrones Style

Cases of hacking have become a real threat, particularly in this age and time. Unlike in the past, technology has made most of our systems prone to cyber attacks. Today, ninety-nine percent of everything you see happens to run through a computer system of some kind, with the Internet of Things connecting several devices through a reliable internet connection. However, cyber terrorists have outsmarted us in more ways than one making us prone to their constant threats with each passing day.

By borrowing a leaf or two from lessons learned from Game Thrones, it becomes entirely clear that for us to win the fight against cyber attacks, the time has come for us to join hands and create teams that will keep hackers at bay. For corporations, combating cyber terrorism becomes more of a need than a want. Organizations are always advised to keep changing user accounts long after they fire an employee, to avoid cases of ‘zombie accounts’ haunting them thus leaving their businesses vulnerable. By employing the Identity as a Service solution, we protect all company data and information from malicious attacks.

Presently, many companies remain vulnerable to cyber terrorism mainly because they rarely invest much in protecting their businesses. To this end, OneLogin, using principles acquired from Game of Thrones, counsels business owners to always keep vigil by subcontracting companies that will help protect their digital data from sabotage year in, year out.

Apart from outsourcing cyber-terrorism experts, it is also befitting that any business organizes regular training workshops for its many employees. To fight cybercrime in its totality, it is advisable that we get all hands on deck. When employees get equipped with the right tools of fighting the vice, they are predisposed to sense a possible threat through the many signs and symptoms associated with internet-based crime.

What we ought to understand is that fighting cybercrime is not one person’s job. It requires all of us to chip in and combat the vice from all four corners. By creating robust strategies, it becomes easier to use some level of expertise to put cybercriminals at bay.