The Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the chairman of the Damac Group and he is looking to expand this group into the food industry. In addition to running his business Hussain Sajwani knows the importance of making friends in high places especially those internationally.

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the Damac Group. He is known for his amazing marketing such as when a person makes a purchase of a luxury apartment they will receive a free Bentley. While this may sound outrageous it is not such as bad business move considering the price of the apartments and the amenities that they offer. This group also owns and operates one of the most glamorous golf courses in the world.

The Damac Group is also known in the food service industry. This was one of the first businesses that Hussain Sajwani became involved with. He has worked with American companies all over the world and has gained experience as well as some important business friends from those ventures.

According to, Sajwani is putting his business skills to the test when the Damac group took over the UAE properties. This is even going to be offering shares to investors on the London Stock Exchange. While this group does not need the cash to invest they are still looking to hire a quality IPO.

Hussain Sajwani got his start in food service when he opened a catering service in Abu Dhabi. He had many customers and was successful but was not making the money that he wanted. That is why when 2006 came around, the Damac group invested in real estate. He developed a number of hotels in Deira and when the Soviet Union collapsed this lead to an increase in visitors to his hotels.

The Damac group was purchasing as many properties as possible and would aggressively market them. He followed the off plan sales business model and that is how he made billions of dollars and is able to keep investing in new projects.

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Construcap The Real Estate Company Of Choice In Brazil

Construcap is proud to be considered one of the top construction firms in the whole of Brazil. The company is committed to the delivery of quality services to its clients as well as delivering sustainable projects. This company is active in both the energy and building sectors of Brazil’s economy. Services are available to the public as well as private markets. This company is ISO certified and its activities are based on the reputable Integrated Management System.

Services Offered

Construcap‘s reach is impressive as it is involved in the commercial, industrial and heavy construction markets. The scope of the company’s services also includes engineering, procurement and construction. Design and building, civil engineering, structured projects, electromechanic assembly are all additional services offered by Construcap.

Structured Projects

Construcap prides itself for having been trusted with major projects. Inova Saude, a project under Consrucap, will put up three main hospitals in Brazil. It will also supply the constructed hospitals with equipment. The management of other services that are non-health related will equally be executed by this affiliate. These major hospitals will be built in various cities of Sao Paulo State: Sao Paulo, Sorocaba and Sao Jose Campos. The average construction timeframe is 32 months while the non-health related services management will be 17 years.

Construcap pioneered in public-private partnership the result of which was the design and subsequent construction of Minas Arena Stadium in Minas Gerais State. This magnificent sports complex is in the heart of the city of Belo Horizonte.


Construcap is big on training as demonstrated by the various training programs it has established. Its intern Program helps youth, who have finished school and are interested in the sector, to build their careers. Upon a successful learning period these interns are inducted into the company. This training program is divided into two main parts. The first part of training acquaints interns with the culture of the company and work methodology. The second part of training deals with career development. All trainees are afforded a mentor to guide them as they work and gain experience. Undergraduate students are the main beneficiaries of this program.

Adult Literacy Program

This program targets site employees and aims to help them raise their education level. Successful candidates join professional training programs. This program helps the site workers to grow professionally and socially. Other training programs include the professional and leadership training programs.