Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Introduces a New Interactive App

PodcastOne is rated as the biggest advertiser-based podcast network. As of today, the podcast has over 200 shows, some of which are the most sought over the internet. Additionally, the podcast records over 2,000 minutes of audio every year. The podcast boasts of millions of impressions given that they have in the past recorded over 1.5 billion annual records. This makes the podcast the real deal for both listeners and advertisers.



The rapid growth of PodcastOne can partly be attributed to the podcast’s ability to produce numerous shows. In addition, the podcast excels because of the excellent customer service. This year, the podcast introduced a new mobile software that would enhance their listeners’ enjoyment. This new app can be found on PodcastOne’s website, Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Here are some of the features of the new app. Learn more:



High Quality Virtual Reality Videos


To make their videos more compelling, PodcastOne has partnered with Mandt VR. The new partnership has helped them to produce an excess of 1,000 videos that are 360 degrees, virtual reality and high quality. PodcastOne’s host Adam Corolla became the first ever to use this new technology.



Mandt VR is a California based firm that was established in the year 2015 and concentrates in video production. It has modern technology equipment installed in each of the PodcastOne studios. Also, if the hosts are to record when on travel, they are allocated mobile equipment to help record virtual reality videos.





With the new app, viewers can now watch a wide range of shows. This makes it convenient for people who are not yet decided what they want to watch. In addition, listeners can access high quality images and articles that can be found elsewhere over the internet.





The new app allows listeners to accumulate points. With each video watched, redeemable points are collected. These points can be used to get new feature or service. Also, the points can be used to access exclusive videos and access discounted products. Learn more:





This app is highly interactive. Listeners can now ask the host questions. Also, they can interact with other listeners and share opinions about the show.



With this new technology, POdcastOne listeners can watch studio casts. Additionally, they can experience live events as they happen. And, the best thing about these new videos is that anyone can view them from anywhere, so long as they have internet connection.