Qnet Promotes Health, Wealth and Freedom

Qnet as a company works with a purpose. The purpose is to bring people greater health, wealth and freedom. While they are involved primarily with direct selling, they are very selective about the products that they offer. For one thing, they want the products to match what they stand for, no matter what category the product is in. They sell a wide variety of products as well. They sell health, education, electronics, jewelry, and other categories of products that could be used to promote their ideals and philosophies. I believe their philosophies are very noble and will promote equality and harmony.

Qnet is involved with a lot of humanitarian pursuits which allow them to connect with people in other cultures. They provide needs for struggling cultures. Qnet operates under QI Group of Companies, which is a part of the United Nations Global Compact Network. The UNGC is a very large initiative for corporate sustainability. Qnet not only requires its employees to be at work, but the company encourages employees to take part in humanitarian causes which include giving to the needy. Supporting the disadvantaged and others that are in need is a large part of Qnet as a company.

Qnet is not just about supplying the physical needs for people that are impoverished. They also want to meet mental and emotional needs. They have run promotions in which people have sent positive thoughts to others. The incentive was that schools would receive a supply of water so that they could drink and use it for hygienic purposes. Qnet has also partnered with Lions Club International in order to help with Kidney Dialysis. Qnet as a business is working very hard to bring about positive changes in various cultures. For this reason, I see Qnet as one of my favorite companies. I can relate to and stand for the same things that they fight for.