Small Towns Are No Longer The Only Places High Quality Dog Chow Can Be Found

Here and there, in small towns throughout the United States it has been possible to come across a small pet food store that sells premium quality dog food that is only found in the fridge. Recently that has been opened up to a larger business model like Amazon. It has become more than popular and according to a Daily Herald article attached here, is set to hit 1 billion dollars in sales. This is a tremendous height compared to the past numbers that were much lower. It will continue to increase as long as name brand high quality pet food makers such as Purina’s Beneful line which uses coconut oil instead of other alternatives that can take their toll on our unique four legged friends. This in a market that has been so saturated with the, ewe it looks like dog food, comment is now showing owners that their pet should be biting into high quality food just like themselves. On food lines across the Midwest, East and West popular companies like Beneful have pushed others to become niche competitors. Years ago at Easter and Christmas people would treat their dog to bountiful plates of drooling pleasure healthy enough for human consumption. Now it is becoming common place to do this on a regular basis. Beneful has always treated dogs to food easy for the owner not only to pronounce but, dig into themselves. It is supposed to be much better on the pets digestive system instead of rough fiber like the old days foods are often containing veggies, meats and grains like wild rice. It is important to place value in high quality dog food that people can actually bite into as it is often people grade. If a person shy’s away from it so will most dogs. Now a half full puppy dinner plate is no more. Dogs are raving at just how delectable food has become from Beneful as well as other high quality producers. Just turn to the barking source, who will be glad the food is now good for him too.