The Koch Brothers’ Probability in Countering Donald Trump

America is heading to the polls again to determine who will lead the most powerful nation in the world. Several contestants have expressed their interests in the position and have entered the primary polls, to determine which two candidates will face off in the main poll. The two main parties Republicans and Democrats are conducting ran offs to determine the contestant that will represent them. One of the most notorious candidates is Donald Trump who is running for the republican sponsorship. He is loud and has adopted very controversial policies. The Koch brothers who have been pumping millions of dollars into campaigns are unsure if he is the right candidate. They have a valid reason since some policies sponsored by Trump would curtail what the party stands for. His foreign policy will deal a heavy blow to free trade and movement of people.

Having participated in the funding of the 2012 elections where they forked a whopping $ 400 million. Their candidate lost to Barrack Obama, this was a wakeup call and the need to develop new techniques. During this year’s election they have pledged to contribute over $ 900 million. Donald Trump has become a thorn in their flesh. He is belligerent, rude and has adopted a very aggressive attitude towards certain communities such as Muslims. At first Trump tried to woe them and went as far as hiring one of the Koch’s organization employees’ to run his campaign. When that did not work he resulted to black handed tactics of insulting and belittling their efforts. The Koch brothers have a keen interest in their country and want the very best for it. It is in their opinion that Trump would not become a great leader. If they want to stop him they will have to make very tough choices in regards to countering his presidency bid.

Charles Koch is the older one among the brothers and the CEO and President of the Koch enterprise. He has stated in various interviews that although while growing up they were rich he has worked his way up the corporate ladder. This is an indication that he was not some rich kid who took over the wealth of his father. He is a very hard working person and believes in equality and free movement. His beliefs and a desire to better his country has seen him sponsor candidates that have the highest probability to steer the country into prosperity. It is completely understandable why he is at logger heads with Donald Trump.