George Soros: Philanthropy in a World of Selfishness

When many nations and countries, as well as their communities and individuals that live their daily lives, only think about their well-beings and how to increase their wealth, or provide for their families, a problem arises.

In a reality where the strongest survive, but, most importantly, those with luck and a better foundation always have a bigger chance to strive and succeed, many people end up losing everything they have because of war, natural disasters, poverty, hunger, and other global problems. This is the reality of many people who have lost everything they had, and had no one to help them.

Because of that, philanthropists are essential to the well-being of many types of people who have lost what they had and have no foundation or home to return to. In that case, people like George Soros, who has recently donated billions of dollars to honorable causes, change the lives of many communities in the world.

George Soros was born in Hungary, Budapest, by the time the Nazi armies of Hitler were close to invading their territory. This means that, for a boy that was born and grew up in a Jewish family, the horrors of Nazism would haunt his childhood forever.

George Soros quickly fled to the UK to study and actually pursue a formation while his family was still in Budapest dealing with the problematic situation of the Jews in the World War II.

George Soros, through intense studying and working, would soon realize that he had a natural talent for finances, but not in a macro level, but in the micromanagement field. He would soon become a very successful investor, and this man is, currently, in 2017, in the Fobes’ list of wealthiest people alive.

George Soros, apart from being one of the best investors alive, one of the most successful entrepreneurs, one of the best-seller writers in the field of finances, and, also, a very influential man in political disputes, he is also a kind, active philanthropist.

Naturally, originally, the target of his donations and charitable contributions were designed to be sent to the Jewish families that suffered the same ends of the young Soros. However, he quickly realized the heart that he had for philanthropy, and began funding and supporting many institutions with charitable goals.

This led to the biggest, in many people’s opinion, deed of the philanthropist and investor: The creation of the Open Society Foundation, a network of many, many institutions scattered around the world with charitable goals.

The Open Society Foundations that the investor has spread across the territory of different nations, including the U.S., use the money that the philanthropist sends, like the most recent donation of billions of dollars, and uses part of that money to support communities that are in dire need of assistance.

Many communities and people are only alive because of the charitable donations that George Soros was made, and, with the Open Society Foundations serving as bridges through the supporter and the people in need, thousands of lives have been saved.

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