George Soros Attends Democratic Conference To Plan For The Future

Financial powerhouse George Soros, along with his other rich liberal friends, invested tens of millions of dollars in the past US Presidential Election to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. The results of the election weren’t what the group had hoped for, Republican Candidate Donald Trump won the election, and now the liberals need to regroup and plan for the future.

Recently, Democrats and liberal groups gathered for a conference in Washington at the pricey Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The conference was sponsored by Democracy Alliance Donor Club on, a group launched by George Soros in 2004 along with the late insurance mogul Peter Lewis and other influential mega-donors with the goal to spend large sums of money to boost then Senator John Kerry into the White House. The group was unsuccessful in 2004 as well, George W. Bush took the election and the White House for eight years.

The Democracy Alliance Donor Club, or DA for short, requires its members, a list that now totals over 100 members the likes of which include financial powerhouses like Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, to donate a minimum of $200,000 per year to groups the DA recommends. Members are also required to contribute annual dues that total $30,000 in order to fund the DA staff and all the meetings as well as catered meals and entertainment for said meetings.

The group has found great success in obtaining financial backing to throw towards numerous political issues as well as local level elections around the country. Soros himself often donates regularly but rarely attends the events held by the DA. This makes his appearance at the most recent meeting in Washington a clear sign that he is on board to oppose Trump at every turn. The conference includes speakers like Soros, leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, and of course, Democratic superstars like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren. Not much information was released about the actual meeting, but the leaked agenda shows that it was a time to plan full fledged trench warfare against Trump from his first day in the White House. The group was focused on how to oppose Trump and his first 100-day plan as the main part of the meeting, but also took the time to discuss preparations for 2017 and 2018 elections.

While the next four years will be under a Trump presidency, it is clear that Soros and his group are prepared to fight the President-elect every step of the way. They have not given up simply because the election didn’t go their way, in fact, they seem to have regrouped and come up with a new plan.

As Venezuela Struggles, Diplomatic Initiatives Emerge

On Tuesday, June 14, United States Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with representatives of the Venezuelan government during the meeting of the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic. Relations between the two countries have been strained since former president Hugo Chavez expelled the United States ambassador eight years ago.
Kerry and the Venezuelan government now headed by Nicolas Maduro agreed to hold direct talks starting immediately. The United States will be represented by veteran diplomat Thomas Shannon. Maduro also proposed exchanging ambassadors.

“There are obstacles” says political analyst Diaz Granados. The Maduro government is locked in a power struggle with the right-wing opposition. The opposition controls the national legislature. Maduro is president and effectively controls the country’s Supreme Court. He has used his power to nullify reform legislation and jail opposition leaders. All this is taking place as Venezuela sinks deeper into a major economic crisis. The global decline in oil prices has left the country unable to buy enough food and other basic goods. Demonstrations and even some violence are daily events.

Although Kerry’s move at the OAS meeting clearly shows the United States wants better relations with Venezuela, “it won’t be easy”, added Danilo Diaz Granados. Kerry indicated he backs an opposition-inspired referendum to recall Maduro. So far, Maduro has blocked the recall effort and refused to release jailed political prisoners.Consequently, it is hard at this point to say how fruitful the talks in Caracas will be.