Olympic Valley incorporation questioned amid fiscal concerns


Incorporating a region into a town is always going to lead to opposing views between those involved in the local community, but the proposed incorporation of Olympic Valley has seen the people of the local area pitted against each other in a difficult choice for their popular tourist area. The Incorporate Olympic Valley group is pushing forward with its plans to incorporate the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics into a town despite the economic concerns reported in a fiscal study. The report into the potential financial issues facing an incorporated Olympic Valley resulted in the consultancy group responsible seeing a dim future if the incorporation proposal is allowed to continue.

The Sierra Sun explains one of the most prominent people opposed to the incorporation of Olympic valley is Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO and President Andy Wirth. The popular philanthropist and campaigner for environmental and cultural programs within Olympic Valley and the greater Lake Tahoe region feels the fiscal study completed backs up the opinions of those opposed to incorporation. Wirth is also committed to working diligently to increase the level of tourism entering the area by working to improve the local Reno Airport as the President of the board of directors for the site.

The hope of those involved in the move to incorporate the area is that the fiscal report will be recalculated to include lower levels of employees to complete basic services, such as law enforcement. In doing so those wishing for the area to be incorporated feel the chances of success for the application process will be increased. However, the opposition to the process headed by Andy Wirth feel the fiscal report is accurate and shows the reality facing the area should incorporation proceed.