The Inspiring Life Story of Cameron Clokie

Surgeon. Scientist. Engineer. Those three alone describe the remarkable life that oral and maxillofacial surgeon Cameron Clokie has left.

Even those three words don’t do justice to the immense way this man has touched lives simply from the ingenuity of his thinking. Indeed, many individuals have been moved to tears with the way he has improved the quality of life of themselves or their family members.

Simply put, Cameron Clokie has found new ways to harness body chemistry that we all already have when we are infants but lose as we grow up. Clokie has the ability to “coax bones to grow anew.” Clokie was able to utilize a protein that induces bones to re-grow, and he recently did it with the jaw of one of his recent clients. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Although Canadian banking executive Peter Russel lost his jaw to a benign tumor several years ago, he was able to enjoy his retirement with a new lease on life because of Dr. Clokie’s new procedure.

Growing up, Cameron Clokie has always known he wanted to be a surgeon. He completed a doctorate in bone regeneration in 1992 in order to begin helping people in this manner. Along these same lines the man has also published an immense amount of material in his role as professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto, a position he held until his retirement this year.

You see, Cameron Clokie realizes that pioneering new techniques is valueless unless they are taught to the next generation. He has harnessed that drive and motivation to publish a number of different papers in his role as Professor at the University of Toronto.

Cameron  Clokie has a burning desire for his skills to not die out with him. He knows that literally millions of people will realize the great benefit he has provided to the world if it is taught to the younger generation. That is definitely the way it should be.