The Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto Franchisee won the Best Franchisee of the World Contest that was held in Florence, Italy. He won the prize because of his tremendous contributions to the brand of Japanese food chain. The award is meant to recognize achievements in the growth of franchise that leads to the growth and improvement of the whole franchising brand. Omar Yunes  at the age of 21 signed up to be a franchisee of the Japanese food chain and up to date, he owns 13 franchised units situated in Puebla, Veracruz and in the Mexico City. His 13 franchised units has employed 400 people. The brand operates more than 90 restaurants in Mexico.

The event was attended by global representatives from 35 countries including Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, Hungary, Portugal, and Mexico. The franchisees were evaluated and their impacts in the network looked into. The award was won based on how much a representative influenced the network, employee motivation, and improvements proposed to the brand among other aspects.

Omar emerged the winner of the prize because of his continuous actions of acting a change factor in a franchisee-franchisee relationship. He managed information in his unit properly and executed control panels in all the 13 units. The second position was taken by Ivan Tamer of Prendamex franchisee from Mexico. Ivan Talmer has been active in providing and implementing tools necessary for achieving a proper marketing system.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican national in charge of Sushi Itto Franchisee of the Japanese Food chain. Omar Yunes interest in the food business started while he was still young. He has had a full control of the 13 units he owns and is properly marketing their products. To ensure the success of his business, Omar motivates his employees through awarding them. Omar has also helped in developing a board to plan and implement the company’s business strategies.

He is an apt entrepreneur and his prominence is also owed to his family’s involvement in political activities. The award exhibited the joint efforts of the employees and executive staff of Sushi Itto in offering quality services, incredible flavor, and excellent hospitality.