Clayton Hutson & His Work:

Clayton Hutson:


Clayton Hutson is a man from Nashville, Tennessee and has always been interested in the music industry. Clayton Hutson received his bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University and he also has his master’s degree. His Master’s degree is in business administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Over the years, Clayton Hutson has worked for live entertainment companies and has been able to increase his knowledge and experience in this industry because of it. He has always been eager to learn more about his career and his passion. He has been able to work as the product manager and has also had positions in sound engineering. His hard work has been able to open many opportunities for him to be able to grow in his career. Clay knew he wanted to be a part of the music industry since a very young age, and ever since he has been working very hard to be bale to reach his main goal. He has always been very passionate in Rock n’ Roll. With all the live entertainment, sound engineering and manager positions that he has been able to have he decided that he wanted to start his own business. His business management skills were starting to pay off and he found that he was meant to run a business. His business became very successful and he found a lot of joy in running it. His company is a company that provides sound engineering and rigging services. He helps with stage management and he finds this makes him very happy and fulfilled. It is as if he is getting the bets of both worlds. He is able to stay in the music industry and at the same time he is an entrepreneur running his own business. Through out the years, Clayton Hutson has grown as a person, and entertainer in the music industry and as an entrepreneur. His hard work and dedication is seen in his work and in the success of his business. He always strives to become even better at his job and a better version of himself. Learn more: