The Impact of Jose Borghi in the Growth of Mullen Lowe


Jose Borghi is among the 20 best advertisers in Brazil. Borghi was ranked among these 20 best advertisers by GQ; a company that concentrates on fashion, style and culture. GQ has a team of 30 executives from the greatest agencies in Brazil to come up with the list of the best advertisers in the industry. The team has helped the company to be more accurate in the process of coming up with the list of the best advertisers.

About Borghi

Borghi Lowe attended the Catholic University of Campinas and graduated with a degree in Advertising. After school Borghi worked with various advertisement companies and that was until 2002 when they formed a company together with his partner Erh Ray; BorgiEhr Agency. The agency was successful in all of its operations. After four years, Ehr decided quit the company after Lowe bought it. Borghi was appointed the president of the company, and they renamed it to Borghi Lowe. Later the company changed its name to Mullen Lowe.


While he served as the president of the company, Borghi was assigned duties in innovation and creativity. He had a good reputation of coming up with greatest advertisement ideas since the beginning of his career. Borghi performance had a great impact on the Mullen Lowe performance. He concentrated on online marketing, and he has been able to revolutionize the advertisement industry in Brazil. It seems that Borghi has a deep understanding of the advertising and marketing industry, most of the rising advertisers are following his marketing tactics in advertising.


Advertising is what makes a name or brand of a company. Without marketing and advertising, building a brand can be quite hard. It is one of the reasons that companies use a lot of money to market their products. For one to be a great advertiser, he/she has to be creative and innovative. These are two factors that have helped Jose Borghi to earn his success in the industry. Today, Mullen Lowe is one of the biggest advertising company in Brazil. It is headed by Jose Borghi who serves as the CEO.

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