FreedomPop on the road to expanding their business

FreedomPop now offers 4G mobile services in the UK. FreedomPop has now arrange the first stage of a venture capital backed worldwide growth plan. FreedomPop has a one-time setup fee of 7 euros. After the initial payment, customers will essentially have a free service with a set amount of minutes, texts, and data.The company makes their profits by selling packages between 4.99 euros and 16.99 euros to their customers who go through their free package quickly.

The subscribers can earn money by during third-party promotional surveys. FreedomPop is similar to Talk Talk and Tesco where they do not own any mobile masts. The company focuses on the maximum price sensitive area of the business. FreedomPop is now putting their attention on purchasing the three network.

Stephen Stokols, who is the chief executive of FreedomPop mention that customers tend only to buy extra capacity. He also says that the company only needed about 50,000 subscribers in order for their business to stay afloat. Stokols founded the company in the US in the year 2011.

Mr. Patterson used to be the advisor for FreedomPop, he then proceeded a UK launch. The company focus on trying to sell as much traffic as possible. Stokes is working on a deal in the Uk to gain passage to the BT Wifi network.The BT Wifi has 5m hotspots.

FreedomPop aim is to sign up consumers only online; Strokes mentions how he had a conversation with two prominent street retailers. FreedomPop has about 250,000 Britons that had an enthusiasm before the businesses took off this week.