How Cotemar has established its Business in Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is one of the important companies that serve the Mexican Petroleum industry. It has majored in offering various maritime services to oil processing companies. The firm has been in the sector since 1979, and its headquarters are located Monterrey. It has grown over the past 31 years to be regarded a top service provider in Mexico’s oil business. The company has also created long lasting relationships with multinational corporations that are based in different regions of the world. Cotemar is recognized internationally, but it has focused on offering its services within the Mexican borders. It has sufficient resources to expand to other nations, but it has resolved to operate locally. The variety of services that the firm offers has been growing very year.

The company has presently hired over 7000 employees who have majored in various services that it offers. It has been contracted by over 1,100 clients in Mexico and makes monthly profits of about $600 million. The services that the company has specialized in include the establishment and maintenance of facilities that located offshore, modernization, maritime transportation, and engineering. All services that it offers are dedicated to supporting oil processing companies.

Cotemar is committed to ensuring sustainability in the oil sector, and therefore, it strives to make its client’s facilities modern and safe. The company always advocates for green practices. It has been helping various corporations in setting up state of the art infrastructure that supports them in conducting their operation. The firm has also joined efforts with various organizations such as Dynamic Positioning Systems, which assists it in inspecting and rehabilitating oil processing facilities. It owns one of the most equipped firefighting units that have a highly skilled crew.

The firm has more than 40 vessels that have been customized to offer specific services. They have been modified to transport oil, a broad range of material, and personnel. The ships can also tow barges and boats. The company is dedicated to taking good care of its employees. It makes sure that their working environments are safe and meet the required standards. The firm provides accommodation services in cabins that can be used by up for people. It also offers cleaning and laundry to ensure the workers are always tidy. Cotemar’s vessels have excellent food courts that offer tasty cuisine and can feed more than 4000 people. Cotemar is said to be one of the best places one can work.

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