Victoria Doramus, Her Road To Marketing Professional

Victoria Doramus began her career at the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied and successfully earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in both journalism and mass communication. After school Victoria was an assistant planner at Mindshare. During her stint at Mindshare, Victoria was the mastermind behind the creation of both printed and multimedia advertising strategies as the company’s assistant media planner. Victoria would be hired as a creative consultant for Stila Cosmetic. As the consultant for Stila Cosmetic, Victoria guided the company on creative project managing and the creation of effective visual materials.

After gaining experience working at Stila Cosmetic and Mindshare, Victoria would become the group coordinator at Creative Artists Agency. As the group coordinator, Victoria built and maintained an international network of trend correspondents. Victoria also worked with clients and reviewed market reports. Doramus also wrote articled for Trend Central and The Casandra Report.

After her time at Creative Artist Agency, Victoria would join the Trendera firm. At Trendera Victoria built marketing campaigns, created new business opportunities, supervised and managed contract workers, translated current lifestyle trends into marketing strategies customized for the market place and product development. Victoria is also credited with building Trendera’s social media branding campaign and was responsible for hiring and managing interns and contract workers.

From 2009-2015, Victoria would take on a number of freelance projects within various marketing firms. Victoria consulted on projects for the Huffington Post, Jane Buckingham Decades: A Century of Fashion and What’s Next: The Experts Guide.

Victoria Doramus is heavily involved in many charitable organizations, where she gives back to the community through volunteering. Victoria works with Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Women’s Prison Association. Victoria is able to help these organization by leveraging her unique marketing skills to help these organizations grow.

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The Freedom That Can Be Achieved With Market America

One of the best feelings a person can have is freedom. A lot of people who work regular jobs do not feel free, and it is not necessarily because they have to get up everyday at a certain time and put in a few hours every day. They also have plenty of other responsibilities to take care of. One of the biggest responsibilities that people have to work with is financial responsibilities. It is very common for people to work their lives away until payday only to find that they are not only broke but also behind on some of the bills. This can give people the feeling of being trapped.

There is one thing that people need to know about jobs. They were never meant to give people freedom. When people worked jobs, one of the goals was to either make enough money or gain enough experience for a business. However, people have no choice but to treat jobs like a business. Fortunately, there is an opportunity offered by Market America for people to work their way towards their freedom. With Market America, people will have so much freedom that they may feel overwhelmed with it. Among the freedoms that people have are freedom of time, and a little bit of extra financial freedom,

Perhaps the most freeing part is that they are not paid by the hour. Therefore, people can not only work as many hours as they want, but make as much money as they want provided they know how to make sales. This is one of the most attractive aspects of an opportunity with Market America. The best part of  Market America is hands on with all of the different resources users can use so that they can learn about all of the tools and methods for building a successful career.