A Passion for Reality Turned Into A Reality

Todd Lubar, currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland entered the world of real estate in the year 1995. After realizing that his skill in business and desire to help people would translate well into the world of Real Estate and finance, he decided to get into the business professionally. His initial venture into the business world took place when he was employed as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned the art of conservative mortgage banking.


Todd has always had a keen interest in learning and expanding his knowledge. He believes that every opportunity that has come his way has taught him valuable lessons, both regarding life and business. In the year 1999, he acquired an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. Using the extensive knowledge he had gained, Todd started mortgaging loans to outside investors and started serving as a direct mortgage bank.


Engaging his love for people, he established long lasting connections with numerous clients and major banking institutions, some of which offered him a line of credit as high as a whopping twenty million dollars.


Taking his passion for real estate to new heights, Todd established Legendary Properties, LLC, a residential development company. Through this company he was able to set in motion the development of over 200 properties ranging from single to multiple home structures. In 2003, Todd established his second venture, a First Magnus Financial Corporation subsidiary called Charter Funding. Due to the extensive access to programs, products and funds, he was able to expand his business even further.


Being in the business for as long as he has with his extensive knowledge about the field, Lubar has had the opportunity to serve multiple high-end clientele. Owing to being part of over 7000 different transactions, Todd now has the ability to assess and determine the outcome of any loan and is excellent in making the right decisions based on the market scenario.


As a result of the changes to the scenario of the mortgage industry, Todd expanded to various other business ventures some of which included commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling businesses.