Rona Borre is Chicago’s Leading Woman Business Person

In 2001, Rona Borre former Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago, Illinois. She had just left a steady job in order to form her own company which not a step for the faint of heart. Instant Alliance became a success because of Borre’s approach to things which is a get-it-done mentality and her unselfish contribution to the Chicago Business community.

Rona Borre is involved with organizations in leadership roles such as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young President’s Organization, and the Chicago Network. She is an avid promoter of Chicago business and its growth.

Rona is also adamant about her own company’s growth, as her company specializes in the hiring of financial and technological professionals as those are the people that companies who are on-the-go want and need most of the time when they are growing to the nest level.  Check

Borre’s secret, if you want to call it that, is the firm relationship that she insists must be present when working with a client company. She must be able to know the leaders of the company very well and know exactly what kind of employee will work best in their corporate culture. When that is known, then that is who needs to be hired as opposed to running an army of potential recruits by their HR department.  Learn from Borre’s  working Tips, click on

This approach works well as it is almost as if Borre and her associates are a part of the client company’s staff, the relationship can get that close.