Anthony Petrello Achievements

Anthony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabor industries for an extended period. He is also the current chairman and the president of the board of Nabors. Nabor Industry deals with different types of infrastructure which includes, software drilling and technology and also provide rigs to the necessary people. Before he joined Nabor Industries, Petrello was a working at Baker and McKenzie as a legal practitioner for twelve years. It is due to his exemplary performance in Baker Company that made him get recognition in Nabors industry.

He has a fantastic and excellent educational background as he holds multiple degrees from Ivy League Schools. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Yala University where he majored in science. Tony Petrello also pursued his postgraduate degree in Yala University in the field of science and mathematics. Later, he joined Harvard School of Law.

Through Petrello leadership, Nabor industries emerged as a worldwide power in the oil and also the drilling industry. He has contributed profoundly to the growth of Nabor Industries which has made it be a top company in the whole world and a principal employer to many people in all sectors of the industries.

Tony Petrello serves other board outside Nabor Industries. Example include directorship on Texas Children’s board and also Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He is also responsible for strategic planning apart from overseeing all operations. Petrello has great passion in serving hospital board, and his passion on this is because his daughter was born with a condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia. He has continuously, together with his wife worked in hospitals and conducting neurological research so as they can come up with solutions which will help people to acquire the healing they need.

Petrello is a man who values hard work, and he believes that for one to be successful, he/she must put a lot of efforts. To get to where he is currently, he struggled, but he never gave up. He upholds work ethic and intelligence. It is through his efforts and ambitions that he has been able to achieve marvelously n his career journey. He is credible and reliable in all his undertakings, and he is also creative and innovative. His interpersonal skills have enabled Nabor Industry to gain the competitive advantage in the industry. Anthony is one of the best paid in geothermal industries and one of the most successful executives who is paid well in the world.

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George Soros; A Foremost Philanthropist

George Soros, born in Hungary in 1930, was always for helping people and giving to them. In 1956, he immigrated to the US to start in a journey which would become his lifelong fortune. Soros studied the world of finance and investments and in 1970 started his own company, Soros Fund Management. He urgely became a worldwide successful investor. George began philanthropy, which is the desire to promote wealth to individuals. He started with helping South Africans with their schooling, and helping fund Eastern Europe and the West. Read more about George at The New York Times. Soros then brought his work into the US, Africa and Asia arguably working with the Medical Marijuana Movement. He continued his work with the Open Society Foundation, traveling and showing his interests in all aspects of his work. He also founded the Drug Policy Alliance, which helps young organizers to be affirm to their outside settings. This Alliance also helps to protect personalization and doesn’t discriminate because of color or origin. George has became an open viewpoint in the Ferguson Movement, a movement that changed the world. It is believe that George funded more than $33 million dollars to help groups that were already established and accorded.

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Soros funded groups that would monitor and undistinguished anything that was discriminating to the story from the news media. All organizations that were benefited from George Soros funds helped each other. They shared each other’s news columns and helped one another find new resources for their work. Soros has funded for police and authority to further appoint their actions, as well as help public transparency. President Barack Obama was appointed by one of Soros foundations. In 2011, Obama was a community organizer at an affiliate in Chicago. The Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference received $250,000 from Mr. Soros that caused Mr. Obama to distance himself. Mr. Obama then took into consideration George’s dynamic personality which caused the President to set up a task force to help individuals and police officers become as one. Read this story at about George Soros.

Eva Moskowitz Proves to be a Leader in Education Reform through Success Academy Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz’s name is preceded by her reputation for founding Success Academy Charter Schools. Since 2006, the network of schools has grown into the highest-performing and largest free, public charter school network based in New York City.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Eva Moskowitz has made it her mission to prove that children from low-income, minority neighborhoods can attain the highest level of education.


Eva has been an acclaimed leader in education reform since opening the first Success Academy situated in Harlem. In her capacity, she has assisted thousands of inner-city students or children to reach their academic potential and offered parents an alternative to failing schools.

Through her able leadership as the founder and chief executive officer, Success Academy currently operates 41 schools. As such, the network of charter schools has created employment opportunities for hundreds of teachers among other experts.


Education and Career Background


Eva Moskowitz has proven to be a leader in education reform. She also holds an impressive academic track record. In fact, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in history. Later on, Eva received her Ph.D. in American history from the renowned Johns Hopkins University.


Aside from her current role at Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz has held other numerous roles. Between 1989 and 1990, she served as a visiting professor of mass culture and communications at University of Virginia. In addition, Eva worked at Vanderbilt University and City University of New York as an assistant professor of history from 1992 to 1993 and 1994-1995 respectively.


From 1996 to 1999, Eva served Columbia University as the chairperson of the faculty seminar in American studies. Additionally, she has served in other capacities such as a civics teacher at the Prep for Prep school among others.




Apart from her illustrious career, Eva is also an author. She is known for two of her publications including In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession with Self-Fulfillment and Mission Possible: How the Secrets of Success Academics Can Work in Any School.


Capital Group Flourishes Under New CEO

The role of an investment manager is difficult, for the reason that the welfare of a large company’s finances relies on a single person’s shoulders. However, Tim Armour performs his tasks in a fluid motion that a regular individual may think as if he has been doing it every day.

At the Capital Group

Tim Armour serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Capital Group, a corporation that makes funding available for various businesses in the country. In addition to that, he is the top executive and the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., as well as a Chairman at the Capital Group Communities. Since both companies are subsidiaries for different occasions, there is no wonder that they will want the leader of the main corporation at the helm of the other offices.

Tim Armour was appointed chairman in June 2015, along with other key people who have shown their significance and dedication to the company, after the passing of their respected former CEO, Jim Rothenberg. Despite the new position allotted to him, however, Timothy remains down to earth and has mentioned in one of the interviews he has given that the Capital Group succeeds because of the combined work that each employee devotes to the corporation, and not because of the never-ending determination of the people at the top.

This type of mindset draws more clients towards the Capital Group. Based on one article published by Janet Yang in 2015 after the promotion of the brand-new CEO of their company, the other executives like her believe in the ability of Tim Armour to fill the position suddenly vacated by Jim Rothenberg and continue to assist the growth of the business with the similar work ethics in mind.

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Important Corporation Endeavor Under His Leadership

One of the largest transactions that Capital Group has become a part of is the joint project that they will do with Samsung Asset Management, a South Korean company that assists people in organizing mutual funds and investment trusts. For this venture, the latter will adopt the financial, business, and consumer management strategy of the former so as to expand the services they offer.

Furthermore, both of them will come up with various asset allocation merchandise and retirement plans that will allow their Korean clients to save more money and obtain the right insurances for the future.

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