Ricardo Guimares of the BMG Bank and its New Partnership

The Brazilian bank BMG Bank has been making changes to it operation for the past year. BMG Bank started working in partnership with Itau Unibanco in the payroll loan segment. The changes have been in the management of the establishment, and in the structure, among other things.

The people on top of the BMG Bank is the Guimaraes family. They will start working at the council of the company’s shareholders and make decisions in the hiring of executives. The land of the BMG Bank is to double the payroll deductible loan portfolio and to eliminate the products that fil to add the value the bank needs.

The current owner of the BMG Bank is Mr. Flavio Penagna Guimaraes. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The position will be given to Alcide Lopes Tapias who ha many decades of experience at the job. Additionally, Alcide Lopes Tapias as worked at another bank as well called Bradesco. Before that, Tapias was the President of the Brazilian Federation of Banks as well as the Minister of the Development of Industry and Foreign Trade.

The Executive President of the financial establishment is currently Mr. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes. He is the heir to the BMG Bank as well as a business partner. The position will be assumed by Mr. Antonio Hermann. He used to be the President of the ABBC or Brazilian Asociation of Banks. Previously, Mr. Antonio Hrmnaa was also the Director of the National Association of Credit Institutions.

Mr. Rivardo Annes Guimaraes has been the President of BMG Bank for more than ten. He stepped into the family business back in 1998. His family has a strong presence in the financial sector. The Guimaraes family started doing business in the finncial sector in Brazil when his grandfather founded the establishment Banco de Credito Predial back in 1930.

Over the course of his leadership, Mr. Ricrdo Annes Guimares brought the BMG Bank to success. The company has had a lean structure for most of its operation, and that has helped it to work in a straightforward manner and close off many profitable deals for the BMG Bank.

The BMG Bank has been around for of ell over 80 years. It has transformed into a leader in the market for payroll lending. The future of the business is bright, and the new strategy for growth will start being in action in the next couple of months.

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Best Brazilian Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto

Many people across the world cite lawyers as some of the biggest careers that they can pursue in life and Ricardo Tosto was not left behind. He worked for the success of his career with professionalism and has been on the frontline working for its success. It is also prudent to say that the law industry in Brazil happens to have been one of the biggest across the globe and in order for one to qualify to join them, he has to undergo thorough training in the field. They are supposed to have a degree in law from a recognized University and also have to score well in the bar exam in the field.

Ricardo is a graduate of the former Mckenzie University and therefore good and equipped to pursue law as a career now in the country. The country’s economy has tremendously grown over the years and thus demand for many lawyers is also high. With that said, the country has a total number of more than twenty-five thousand law professions who have worked tirelessly towards ensuring that they shape the laws of the land and corporations and individuals are well advised and represented legally. Brazil has a 1988 constitution but has borrowed most of its civil related laws from Italian, French and Portuguese statutes.

Lawyers in Brazil are readily available on the website and people can be in a position to find theirs prefer every time they look for the best sites. While the majority of law practitioners work in Sao Paulo, it is also evident that Brazil has the best portals to search for a lawyer. Ricardo Tosto happens to be one of the biggest and aggressive lawyers in Brazil. He has a great record in representing his clients through his famous law firm called Tosto E Barros Advogados and has been respected by his so many clients. The company has had a tremendous performance in the past and thus building clients confidence over the times. Ricardo Tosto’s firm has been able to grow very first and has been able to hire more than four hundred experts who have worked around the clock towards making sure that their clients are supplied with adequate professional guidance.


Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho – Highly Rated Lawyer in Brazil

Brazil is a highly represented country in terms of the numbers of lawyers practicing law. This can be attributed to the high number of institutions offering law courses as well as the Brazilian laws that are too rigid. This is especially so in the categories of business and environmental fields. Most of the laws applied in Brazil are those borrowed from their colonial masters, the Portuguese. They also borrow heavily from the German and French civil law. Brazil legal system is simply a hybrid of various legal system practiced mostly in the European countries. Brazil has one supreme law known as the Constitution. This is the law that guides any other law that is

in existence. The Brazilian Constitution was passed about three decades ago. It allows for three systems of government namely, the executive, legislature, and judiciary. It then allows for the country to be subdivided into 26 federal states. Each of these states is allowed to make its own laws but they must make sure that it is in conformity with the , which is the Constitution.

For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, there are a number of hurdles that one has to overcome first. There are set out rules that guide the law profession, to ensure that only those who merit are allowed to practice. Those who graduate with a law degree are supposed to join a law school and sit for the bar examination known as the Vestibular. Only after passing this examination that one is allowed to join the Brazil’s Bar Council.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He is a graduate of Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a degree in law. He has also done a course in Business Administration at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is currently the co-founder and partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados law firm. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been extensively involved in cases involving multinationals, governments, non-governmental organizations, and politicians. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has also played a big role in mentoring many lawyers who have been interns at his law firm.

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Ricardo Tosto is A Highly Successful Attorney in Brazil.

Brazil is a country that has a great many schools that are devoted to law. In fact the nation has been listed with the ranking of the third country in the world with the most amount of lawyers. Coming in second is America, with number one being India. This is easily because Brazil has more law schools in their nation than all of the world’s law schools, combined.

There are 800 thousand lawyers on Brazil that have passed the bar exam. However, it should be taken into consideration that just because there are a large amount of educational courses for learning about the law in Brazil, this does not mean that those courses are well instructed. Because of this fact, the Ministry of Education has become involved due to the poor grades earned by a great number of Law students when they took the ENADE and the IDD, two of Brazil’s required passing exams for Law students.

Aloizio Mercadante, the Minister of Education, is performing inspections for all law classes that are being presented in the Brazilian Universities to ensure that they meet the basic standards of law education for Brazil. This inspection is mainly due to the large number of Brazilians who are not able to pass the Bar Exam because the classes they passed at the Universities were not adequate.

There are numerous successful lawyers in Brazil, and one of the more famous ones is Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto began his foray into law by working for some of the more prestigious law offices in Brazil. Once he earned enough practical experience, he began his own legal firm, which quickly expanded to become one of the largest legal entities in all of Brazil. Some of Ricardo Tosto’s specialty areas are Civil Law, Consumer Law, Copyright Law and Property Law, to name only a few.

Ricardo Tosto has represented individuals and businesses alike, including politicians and the government as well. Ricardo Tosto has a degree in law from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and he has contributed to the creation of many laws.


Getting An Experienced Business Lawyer

If you are buying property in Brazil or starting a business, you will need a business lawyer to provide you with advice and guidance. Purchasing property can be an expensive undertaking and it is important to make sure that you have a good lawyer by your side to help check out the contract and other relevant documents. You need to be absolutely sure everything is done correctly or you might get yourself into something you will have to accept with. You will sign an agreement with the seller and you will also have an agreement with the bank, and it is important to make sure these line up properly.



If you need a lawyer in Brazil, for business or other issue, it is extremely important that you do your research properly before deciding on the best one for you. There are many lawyers in Brazil, rendering services in various areas of law, but if you do not get the right lawyer you might find yourself in a more complicated or difficult situation. A good lawyer will take the time to review your case and understand the circumstances surrounding your case, and then advice you of the best approach.



Select an attorney that handles business litigation cases and one that suits your requirements. An experienced lawyer will take the time to evaluate your case and then develop the right defense plan to obtain the greatest possible settlement in the issue.



Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reputable and experienced litigation lawyer, specializing in business law related cases in Brazil. He has been providing high quality services to clients. Some of his clients include high profile individuals and corporations, multinational companies, politicians and other public figures. Mr Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients and devise a strategy to mount strong defense or representation.



Focusing on business and corporate litigation, Ricardo Tosto’s prominence has grown tremendously over the years. Ricardo Tosto is well known for his special ability to develop winning litigation strategies. Ricardo Tosto works hard to provide his clients with high quality representation, and the best possible outcome in their situation.


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An Overview of Brazil’s Legal System

The Brazilian law system derives from the Roman law which was implemented by the Portuguese during the colonial era. The system is based on statutes, codes, and legislation enforced by the federal legislature. Brazil is a federal republic formed by the indissoluble union of states, the Federal District, and municipalities. The 1988 Constitution organizes the country into 26 federate states that have the autonomy to implement their own laws and Constitutions. Their power is however restricted by the principles stipulated in the Federal Constitution.

The Brazilian government is of made of the Judiciary, the Legislative and the Executive; which are harmonious and independent among themselves. The Executive is headed by the President of the Republic, who is directly elected by the citizens and is both the Head of Government and the Chief of State. The Legislative consists of two houses: the Federal Senate (upper house) and the Chamber of Deputies (lower house). The Legislative is made of representatives who are elected by the citizens. The powers of the Judiciary are vested upon the Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Supreme Court, the Regional Federal Courts and Federal Judges. The judiciary also has special courts that handle labor, military and electoral disputes.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados

Leite, Tosto e Barros is a Brazilian law firm that is highly specialized in litigation. The firm focuses on the business area especially corporate restructuring, bank contracts, credit recovery, judicial recovery, bankruptcy and acquisition review. The firm has built a great reputation in the field of law thanks to its co-founder Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent Brazilian lawyer who has represented prominent figures, renowned organizations and the government. He has combined his knowledge of the financial sector and his expertise in the litigation area to represent his clients. Mr. Tosto’s dedication, agility, and expertise have assisted him to tackle even the most complex cases.

Mr. Tosto is a Mackenzie Presbyterian University alumnus who holds a bachelor’s degree in law. He also studied Extension Business Administration at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He started his career in a local law firm in his home area and advanced to working at major law firms in Brazil. He later co-founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados in April 1991.

Hiring an Investment Banking Organization is Critical to Business Success

There is an old saying that states: It pays to prepare. The company that chooses to hire an investment banking organization is wise in doing so. There are many reasons, for certain organizations, to hire an investment banker. The following text provides the reader with reasons why it pays to prepare by way of hiring an investment banking organization.

The general private equity investor reviews more than one-hundred opportunities, for each investment he or she closes. This is to say, such an investor is required to see a new opportunity on a daily basis, especially if he or she wishes to make three to four investments—annually. Such an individual, not only glances at an investment opportunity; he or she reviews the investment opportunity closely. The reason it is necessary to scrutinize each opportunity so fully is the fact that one humongous bad investment mistake may cost the private equity investor his or her career. This individual, then, is in the habit of saying no often, and early. He or she, even during the latter stages of the investing process, is still looking for any tell-tale signs which are apt to change the equation of risk/reward. In other words, whether the detail is within the imagination of the investor or is a real sign that there is an issue, any type of unexpected event is naturally going to halt a deal or decrease the offer price. A mistake is quite unfavorable and it is very rare that a second chance exists.

A company, who makes it a point to work with professional persons tied to the investment banking industry, are attaining the services of professional individuals who make it their respective jobs to anticipate circumstances wherein a deal may not close, properly, due to certain conditions, or is possibly desperately re-negotiated. This is to say, individuals within the investment banking industry are experts in the “art of the deal.” The preceding professionals learn from each and every deal which they are involved.

The expert investment banking organization is in a position to share their experience and knowledge with their clients—keeping their clients from learning about possible issues and depleting their financial reserves in the process. The investment banking organization, too, acts as a go-between, with regard to his or her client and the priorities of the investor, especially when preparing for a transaction. The investment banker is the buffer zone; in way of conversations between respective parties.

In summation, a company is not wise to go solo, when introducing his company to the market. Prior to a transaction, the smart organization looks to the services of a trusted financial advisor or that of an investment banker. He or she is also wise to seek the services of a corporation lawyer; and an individual willing to provide him or her with strong advice as to taxes. In the world of negotiation, the smart company is partnered with other significant individuals and acquires the spirit of a team.

When selling a company, the wise business person seeks the advice of the investment banker. The investment banking organization can assist the organization in hitting their target sales price.

Some notes about Martin Lustgarten:

Martin Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer of the company he established which is Lustgarten Martin. Mr. Lustgarten has acquired extensive knowledge in way of global investment banking. His goal is to provide his clients with highly favorable results.

Mr. Lustgarten resides with his family inside the region of South Florida, within the United States. His stomping ground is the Miami area.

Dan Newlin: A Passionate Public Servant

Dan Newlin has been interested in serving the public since the young age of eighteen. He became a paramedic for the city of New Chicago, Indiana at that young age. After seeing wonderful things, like a baby coming into the world, he then took a job as a police officer in the same city. He then moved to work for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. While working there, he was a member of the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, and the Tourist Policing Division. Newlin also got a lot of awards and honors. One of them was for “going above and beyond the call of duty” and for extraordinary service by the United States Marshall’s Office. Newlin worked full-time and also starting going to college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He felt very fortunate that his employer let him attend college while he continued to work Then he decided to attend a law school in Florida while continue to work for the Sheriff’s Department full-time. As much as he loved his job and helping people, he decided that he wanted to move on and help people in another way.

After Dan Newlin graduated from law school in 2000, he opened a law firm with some partners. He and his partners help people with all kinds of accident, injury, personal injury, medical negligence, and wrongful death cases. They are top of the line attorneys and are totally dedicated to the clients that they serve everyday.He is partnered with eighteen attorneys and they have seventy-five employees that assist them in meeting all of their client’s needs. Mr. Newlin has gotten back a lot of money and help a lot of clients all throughout the state of Florida. He has a love for helping people as all of his career choices from paramedic to attorney have proven. Even as an attorney, he gets honors. He and his legal partners got the very elite award of Super Lawyer Law Firm, which not very many law firms or lawyers get. Unlike many lawyers, Newlin is licensed to practice law in two states, Florida and Illinois. Also, unlike a lot of attorneys today, they still offer a free consultation Any client that obtains for legal representation I truly believe will never be sorry because he will give his clients all he has and help them in any way that he possibly can.