The Making of a Legend: The George Soros Story

Being a public figure is no mean feat. You have to watch what you eat and what you wear when you walk out your door. Those were George Soros sentiments and the kind you would expect from a person in his shoes.

The man is the founder of Open Society Foundations, a philanthropist, an investor, a thinker, a writer often published in the NY Times and NY Books and the owner of many other such titles that most people have never heard of before.

It is not every day that the people on top make it a mission to help the underprivileged. George Soros is not like the rest of his peers when it comes to philanthropy. From helping South Africans go to school during apartheid to getting people out of jail, the man has been everywhere.

When an idealist and a thinker write, you can bet it will not be about a non-issue. In his NY Books article Wake up, Europe, he challenges Europe to face the challenge posed by Russia. Soros sees Russia as a threat to the harmony that exists in the EU.

Ever the pacifist, Soros is not an advocate of war. He foresees the use of force by Russia to solve their disputes as a premise for war. If he is writing about it, you can be sure that he is serious about it. After all, we are talking about someone who bankrolled a legal tussle that wanted to stop the Republicans from passing certain voting laws.

George Soros does all this because he wants to change. After all, he did try to remove President Bush from power when he funded a voter campaign against him, according to the NY Times. Soros believes in this course of action so much that he is prepared to give $5 million to the legal endeavor so long us the restrictive laws never see the light of day.

Finding such a philanthropist with clear goals and passion in the modern world is not an easy task. Soros said that he was even proud and honored to be part of the movement that wants to bring change using the justice system.

This will not be the first time either. In the past, Soros has been vocal in establishing accountability frameworks in mining industries. This has led to a decrease in the bloodshed that usually goes hand in hand with mining and scarce resources.

If George Soros is proof of anything, it is the fact that being rich and famous can be used to build a better world. It is the courage that makes a person stand against other forces that make a legend.

What You Should Look for In an Investment Advisor


For an individual who is currently looking for a financial advisor to assist them in their investments they will most probably come cross some complex titles along the advisors name. This is because there are various types of certifications that these advisors get currently. These are actually professional designations and they are earned according to the part of the globe the advisors works from. Sometimes the types of investments they deal with also matters.

Many of the designations have some things which are quite similar. These specialized designations actually represent the courses the advisors have taken in the past and have managed to complete them successfully overtime. There are some things that are very crucial to understand when you have decided to look for a financial investment advisor.

For a person to qualify to the designation of an advisor, they have to meet some specific requirements. Some of this might include; their working experience, their ability to follow guidelines, and some time passing a specialized proficiency exam.

If you want to get a good financial advisor, it is very important to select an individual who has achieved one of these certifications, and to be on the safe side, select the one with the higher certification. When you are looking for a financial advisor, you are actually dealing with your savings and this makes it a very delicate issue since it’s all about your future. When you have decided to narrow down in your list of the few, it is important to ask around for references. These will help you choose the best, and the chances of you making a mistake will be very minimal.

Another safe way of looking for an investment advisor is by using the bank. With the bank, you actually don’t have to worry about meeting a person who is not qualified enough. Your bank will most probably have someone who can help you in this issue. However, it is good to note that most banks have the aim of promoting their products when you go for the investment advice.

If you are looking for a safe place to look for investment advice, then you should consider visiting the Madison Street Capital. The investment firm which is actually internal will provide you with corporate financial advisory services; valuation service and many more. The investment firm especially committed to integrity, leadership, excellence and service in delivering corporate financial advisory services to both the publicly and also the privately held investments.

Christopher Cowdray And Creating Unique, Elegant Hotels

As one of the leading figures in the luxury hotel industry today, CEO Christopher Cowdray demonstrates through his development of the Dorchester Collection that assembling a successful hospitality brand requires both discipline and real estate knowledge. Both skills have enabled him to succeed in a highly competitive field.

An Extraordinary Collection of Hotels

The prestigious chain of properties within his company’s portfolio do not fit an image of standardized upscale commercial units; rather, every single site maintains highly individual amenities of its own. A guest could travel between different Dorchester Collection suites in multiple countries during a trans-Atlantic vacation and encounter an interesting, unique atmosphere during every visit. This variety adds an elegant, affluent quality to the logo Mr. Cowdray oversees.

His background allows him to use experienced real estate judgment in emphasizing the specific ambiance of each of the magnificent establishments included within the group. From magnificent English country estates to sprawling, glitzy Bel-Air California icons, the amazing properties in the Dorchester Collection remain a credit to Christopher Cowdray’s managerial talents. How did he develop the skills to encompass so many distinctive, fine hotels into a single cohesive, highly successful, hospitality domain?

Managing Hotels in Many Different Places

Christopher Cowdray benefits from an extensive background in the hospitality industry. After graduating from Columbia University Business School’s Executive Program he served as a manager at upscale hotels in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Consequently, his career allowed him to observe the daily operations of facilities offering world-class accommodations to overnight guests in many different settings.

He honed his ability to distill the essential aspects of providing first rate service in the hospitality industry in any location, a talent that he has transferred to the benefit of the guests who stay at Dorchester Collection properties. This accomplishment contributed to his receipt of a prestigious industry award, the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.

Guests who visit only one of the Dorchester Collection properties likely form favorable impressions of their stay in a unique and welcoming hotel environment. Yet they may also develop a preference when traveling for selecting other hotels owned by the brand in order to sample the distinctive settings of each locale. No two are exactly alike. By capitalizing on this feature, the Dorchester Collection and Christopher Cowdray have obtained the highest possible accolades from peers in the hospitality industry.

Keith Mann: Entreprenuer and Philanthropist

Keith Mann: Entreprenuer and Philanthropist

I went with my Dad to Poconos this past weekend to look at investment properties when I met  a guy who was there just for a quick weekend get-a-way. Not that this is anything out of the ordinary since I travel a lot and have a tendency to always come ho me with new friends. But this guy, Keith Mann,  really inspired me to start thinking seriously about investing, like maybe not in property but investing in my future.

Keith Mann is an experienced investment banker who specializes in alternative investments and hedge fund services. He is also Co- Founder and Managing Director for Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners is a staffing service and recruiting firm that helps find opportunities for investment professionals and match qualified executives with top hedge funds.

Mann began his career in 1995, working as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. Over time he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Managing Director, then Senior Vice President. In 2001, he co-founded Dynamic Search Partners, and has built relationships with several major equity firms and a reputation for finding quality talent.

Dynamic Search Partners is not only a leader in their field; the company is also investing in the future. Keith Mann has organized several charity events and fundraisers, including a mixer at which his company donated $8,000 to Hope for Heroes. Recently, PR News Wire announced Dynamic Search Partners partnership with Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit network of charter schools that help urban youth close the educational gap. The goal of the partnership is to create a consistent platform for Dynamic Search Partners to assist students in learning practical skills that could aid them in college and beyond. In 2013, a five member team from Dynamic Search Partners, including Keith Mann, visited the school. They toured the campus, sat in on classes, and met individually with every senior. They then held two resume building workshops with the senior class, individually advising, reviewing, and editing each students resume. The company also donated $10,000 to the school, and allows the seniors to send in their resumes for updates whenever they need to.


Jared Haftel Has Amazing Wisdom in Investment Banking Careers

Jared Haftel is an investment banker with a story to tell. He is one of the countries prominent speakers about getting and maintaining a job in the banking industry. Some say it was pure luck, but others say he is a brilliant mastermind who is ahead of his times. Haftel is a Duke University graduate. In 2009, he had his whole work ahead of him, and through some right decisions, he was able to find his career path.

Life came together very easily for Hafel, but for many that isn’t the case. He started out as a Banking Analyst at Bank of America, and continued to climb the corporate ladder from there. Some think his life has been a cake walk, but the reality is he worked very hard for everything he has, including his education. Now, he takes his wealth of knowledge and uses it to help those who are struggling in today’s job market. Whether it is a person who has the education and no experience, or someone who has the experience but lacks education, he encourages people on how to draft their resumes to perfection.

Sitting on committees that did the hiring and firing, he knows what these large investment firms are looking for. They want someone that is confident in their work and known what they are doing. Haftel makes it easy for the commoner to find a job. He has a serious of blogs and has taught seminars on the topic. Many are following him because his advice is sound and it is helping people get the jobs they want.

Haftel got his start by righting for the newspaper back at Duke University. He drew a crowd even at a young and inexperienced age. Some say that he is just another average Joe, but this man has been through allot in his short amount of time. That experience that he has is worth money. Many people have reported by making some changes to their resumes and finally finding the jobs they are looking for. It doesn’t happen overnight, but what Haftel can offer people is valuable.

For instance, some people leave gaps in their resumes. They often don’t put the truth because they think no one is going to be checking up on those things. When dealing with banks and mega corporations, they will be checking everything to make sure it is in order. No one wants to hire someone who lies to work in investment banking. The goal is to make sure that there are no errors. The resume is the first thing that a prospective employee will see. They must see through the paper and see the value a person has. Because they are going through so many applications, there must be something that makes it stand out from the others in the pile.

Being a forerunner in the industry, Haftel encourages with common sense tactics  on Twitter and provides experience that is vital for today’s society. There is never a reason to doubt someone who works in the depths of things every day. His wealth of wisdom has caused many to follow his blog and other writings. No wonder he has made a name for himself, he is fascinating investment banking professional.

Sam Tabar: An Investor’s Best Friend


When people are looking to invest their money, whether it be real estate, commercial projects, stocks, or savings,  they are always concerned with who will be overseeing the investment and getting the best returns. But maybe you’re thinking something a little different. Sure you’ve got a couple investment properties, maybe a commercial project, and your portfolio might include that mutual fund. But maybe you’re thinking you’d like to learn more about other ways to invest. Maybe you’re ready to talk hedge funds. If this is the case,  Sam Tabar will be your best friend because of his excellent advice and seemingly Midas touch when it comes to hedge funds, Sam has worked with numerous investors around the world offering both financial advice and legal counsel regarding a variety of issues related to getting the most out of hedge funds.

 A graduate of England’s Oxford University, Sam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors. From there, he ventured on to law school and attended the Ivy League’s Columbia Law School. It was there that his interest in financial advising and management began, prompting him to be named Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. By earning a law degree, Sam determined having both a law degree and a background in finance would allow him to understand all aspects of hedge funds.

After graduation, Sam took his talents to one of the world’s best law firms that specialize in financial issues including hedge funds. Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP brought Sam in as an Associate and immediately recognized the talent they had in their midst. Working with a variety of clients on a daily basis, Sam provided legal counsel on many important aspects of hedge funds including formation and structure, different types of management agreements, compliance issues and financial regulations pertaining to hedge funds and similar investments. Working with Skadden until 2004, Sam decided that while he enjoyed the many aspects of being an attorney, his education and experience could best be used as a hedge fund manager. Thus, he decided to accept an offer from the Sparx Group, a highly-regarded investment firm around the world.

It only took a few months for Sam to show what he was capable of doing when put in the proper position to do so.  After meeting with countless investors, he presented the firm with almost 2,500 names of qualified investors and potential investors with which the firm should meet with to determine their interest. With this kind of passion for his career and an uncanny ability to make all the right decisions, Sam Tabar seems to be in a position to write his own success story, although it appears that he’s already covered on that note-check out the article just released on Sam Tabar’s guide to 2015 investments.