Chris Burch Receives Many Awards for Nihi Sumba Island

A Place For Family and Friends

Chris Burch and James McBride, thru their $30M investment and a desire to have a special place to share with family and friends, transformed a small part of Sumba. “Nihi Sumba Island,” is a 5-star resort area and ranked by Travel + Leisure Magazine readers as the #1 place in the world to visit ( In an interview with Business Jet Traveler asking Chris Burch why he undertook such a large enterprise, Chris Burch responded by saying he wanted a special place to take his family.

Sumba was once called “Sandalwood Island,” and is the size of Connecticut and a little larger than Hawaii Island. It takes 50 minutes for a regular flight to travel from Bali to Sumba. The Island has a population of 600K.Chris Burch has a big stake in Nihi Sumba Resort because of what he is fond of calling a place “for my children.” Chris Burch is excited about being able to give back to the local community thru Nihi Sumba Resort.

Nihi Sumba Receives Many Awards

Nihi Resort has received awards and praise from significant travel magazines and newspapers. Asia Spa, in 2015, it was named “Resort of the Year.” Travel + Leisure named Nihi praised it for being one of the exclusive 50 hotels to visit in the world. It was celebrated by Pure Life Experiences as “Best in Design” in 2015.

Chris Burch

Chris Burch, who was born and raised in Pennsylvania, admits his struggles with attention deficit disorder as a youth. Chris Burch credits his Father for his role model in being the one who always stood out with “integrity and the truth.”

After the dust more or less settled in doing labor for his Father, Chris Burch decided to go into business with his brother and started Eagle Eye, which was an apparel business for young girls. He and his brother sold the company in 1998 for $60M to the Swire Group. Eagle Eye started with a $2000 investment.

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Chris Burch’s Rehabilitation of Sumba Island Creates New Wonders

American billionaire and fashion industry investor, Christopher J. Burch, has ventured in the hospitality industry and found another niche after opening a gorgeous five-star resort located near Bali, Indonesia. Chris Burch purchased the uninhabited island of Sumba back in 2012 and with the help of his dearest friend, Mr. James McBride, a famous South African hotelier with over 25 years of professional experience, they were able to expand and rehabilitate the island resort into the five-star resort we see today. The redesigned Nihi Sumba Island resort has over 30 luxury accommodations and offers exclusive excursions that are exciting and unforgettable ( Guests can dine at the resort’s restaurant that features delicious Balinese cuisine that enhances the traditional island experience.

Chris Burch was born on March 28, 1953 and has well over 38 years as an investor, businessman and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital, a New York City-based firm that specializes in brand development and venture investments. By 2012, he became a self-made billionaire and was featured in Forbes’ annual The World’s Billionaires magazine spread, click His new island resort is well-known for its ginormous 20-foot waves and was a surfer’s paradise. His three sons are all surfers and occasionally vacation at his exclusive resort villa home to catch some waves. The Nihi Sumba Island resort paradise has been named as one of the fifty greatest hotels in the world in 2016, it has also been honored as the winner of Condé Nast’s World Savers Award.

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Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. He was born in a middle-class home with nine other siblings while their father distributed mining materials and supplies. He married Susan Cole with whom raised three children and three more with Tory Robinson.

While still at Ithaca College as an undergraduate in the late 1970s, Chris together with Robert, his brother, founded Eagle’s Eye with an investment of $2,000, check They would spend $10 on a sweater and in turn sold them at $15 each. Chris found a factory that would produce a fresher variety of “Preppy” sweaters to sell canvassing within the campus. The company broadened to various colleges leading to multiple shops. The company was able to grow to $140,000,000 in sales. He is as well among the prime investors who indulged in the Internet Capital Organization. Christopher Burch is a common name in successful brands like Solid & Stripped, Blink Health and so much more.

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Chris in collaboration with Philippe Stark, an Architect, and Alan Faena, a Hotelier established Faena Hotel in 2004 in Buenos Aires. In 2005, he bought a $14,000,000 luxurious house in Southampton, New York and later sold it at $25,000,000 after renovating it. He bought a townhouse costing $11,000,000 in 2012 and put it back on the market after completion of its renovation, but in 2013 he purchased Nhiwatu Resort situated on the Sumba islands (

Nihiwatu resort is a captivating 27 villa estate with proximity to Bali. The location is hair-raising with its puffy snow white sand on a remote island. The resort is commonly known as “On the Edge of Wilderness” due to its beautiful terrains and suitability for exploration.

In 2015 the resort made its comeback making it the largest employer on the island with a significant number of employees being locals. Chris Burch got together with Sumba Foundation and donated the money contributed by the guests thus providing aid to the nearing communities. The main agenda for this partnership is to maintain all the fragile culture that this island has to offer.

During the time that Chris Burch is not in his private quarters in the resort, it is usually rented to visitors. During this time he is often traveling to various destinations to overlook his many investments. He is the pioneer and President of the Burch Creative with a wide range of investments in industries for about 40 years. Christopher Burch’s target is the people as well as the market.

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The Life of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful business owner who has spent his life helping others. Despite growing up in a typical family, Chris has acquired a massive fortune through investing and hard work. He is one of the wealthiest people in the United States. He donates a significant portion of his income to charity every year. He is an excellent example of how to make a positive impact on the world through charity work.

Chris started his first company while attending Ithaca College. He worked with a family member to found a clothing company ( The company only offered one product, but the product was wildly popular among college students. The company would eventually earn millions of dollars per year. Chris was proud of his success, but he did not want to focus on the fashion industry. He sold his portion of the business and moved on to other ideas.


Several years ago, Chris had an idea to build a luxury resort. He enjoyed traveling around the world, and he wanted to make sure he had a beautiful place to stay. Securing funding for the Nihiwatu Resort was not easy. Multiple banks turned him down for a loan before he found someone to help him.

After several years of hard work, the resort was finished. Many prominent people stay at the resort each year to escape from their daily lives. The resort has fabulous reviews, and it is costly to stay there.

Future Goals

Despite his massive wealth, Chris still works hard every day. He is passionate about making a positive impact on the world. He donates to charities that help children with medical issues. He also wants to improve the public education system in the United States. Although Chris could have retired decades ago, he wants to continue working because he loves staying busy.

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Successful real estate investor Jim ‘The Anti Guru’ Toner has been helping people make money by teaching them simple, effective strategies for investing in real estate for decades. It started soon after he began making his fortune buying and selling business and residential properties. Inspired by an infomercial, Toner became involved with real estate over 27 years ago. Within a few months of registering with a training program and beginning to work with a mentor, Jim Toner had made over $10,000. His life changed dramatically after that as he tried to learn all he could about the real estate industry.

As Jim Toner’s real estate holdings and his fortune grew, people from his community began asking him for advice, guidance and help making money with real estate. Always willing to help, Toner gathered the information they requested and gave it to them. Eventually he assembled a team of real estate investment advisors and in 2008 he created Jim Toner’s Wealth Builders. Today, Wealth Builders Workshops are held in Pittsburg and throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The program offers one-on-one mentoring, a jump start program that lasts three days, 90 days of mentoring and help from experienced trainers who guide people through finding properties, getting financing and closing the deal.

Thousands of people have participated in and benefited from the Wealth Builders programs and workshops. They work closely with experienced real estate investors with millions worth of commercial and residential real estate. The unique, intensive training program gives people a clear understanding of the entire process. It’s of great benefit for beginning investors. They learn important principles and get assistance applying them successfully. Countless people have participated in the Wealth Builders program and are now homeowners and thriving real estate investors.

Jim Toner has also used his radio show and articles in newspapers and magazines all across the country to teach the average person how to use his common-sense strategies to find, finance, buy and sell real estate and make a handsome profit. Toner has worked with famed motivational speakers like Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and the Napoleon Hill Foundation to inspire people to use his Wealth Builders program to improve their financial situation through the easy to apply strategies he has learned and developed.

In his desire to help as many people as possible, Jim Toner has put down his effective, easy-to-use strategies in his new book ”The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder’. Available on Amazon, the book is a step-by-step guide for investing in commercial and residential real estate. It contains anecdotes showing exactly how Jim Toner and his team used the strategies.

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What Can Chris Burch Do with an Island?

If you follow the career of Chris Burch than you know that he is serious about business. He is also serious about his resort, Nihiwatu. Chris Burch is now known for his best purchase yet, a destination for surf turned into a beautiful resort beyond comprehension. The Island of Sumba won’t be the same now that Burch has invested in it. At least that is what world travelers are saying about one of the most remote islands in Indonesia.

The interest in purchasing a hotel led to Burch’s conversation with a famous hotelier in an attempt to pique his interest in the island. Although the island is remote, Burch and his partners have done everything that they can to help it thrive. This remote spot on the island of Sumba was only one known as a spot for surf. Today, this has all changed with the innovation and care of Chris Burch and his partners as they focus on expanding the resort and turning it into a revenue generating machine. This resort has now been regarded as one of the top spots to travel by the wealthy and elite looking for sun, fun and relaxation since 2016 and 2017 (

Why the fuss about the island? It isn’t just because it’s Chris Burch, but the island was also formerly known by a different name. This island is just more than the size of Bali, sitting at just over 4,000 square miles. Discovered early by Portuguese explorers the island has continued to attract attention for its raw beauty. Now with a full service resort it is attracting those seeking high-dollar rooms and a relaxing environment. What once had very little contact outside of the island is now buzzing with activity.

This unspoiled land is home to a 20 foot wave where surfers come from all around the world to experience, but not it is the place to stay. Additionally, this island is covered in luxurious white sand and the story behind the island still resonates with natives. As Chris Burch continues to find ways to draw attention to the resort and make it the center of relaxation for those who want luxury at its best, Nihiwatu is making news all around the world.

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George Soros; A Foremost Philanthropist

George Soros, born in Hungary in 1930, was always for helping people and giving to them. In 1956, he immigrated to the US to start in a journey which would become his lifelong fortune. Soros studied the world of finance and investments and in 1970 started his own company, Soros Fund Management. He urgely became a worldwide successful investor. George began philanthropy, which is the desire to promote wealth to individuals. He started with helping South Africans with their schooling, and helping fund Eastern Europe and the West. Read more about George at The New York Times. Soros then brought his work into the US, Africa and Asia arguably working with the Medical Marijuana Movement. He continued his work with the Open Society Foundation, traveling and showing his interests in all aspects of his work. He also founded the Drug Policy Alliance, which helps young organizers to be affirm to their outside settings. This Alliance also helps to protect personalization and doesn’t discriminate because of color or origin. George has became an open viewpoint in the Ferguson Movement, a movement that changed the world. It is believe that George funded more than $33 million dollars to help groups that were already established and accorded.

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Soros funded groups that would monitor and undistinguished anything that was discriminating to the story from the news media. All organizations that were benefited from George Soros funds helped each other. They shared each other’s news columns and helped one another find new resources for their work. Soros has funded for police and authority to further appoint their actions, as well as help public transparency. President Barack Obama was appointed by one of Soros foundations. In 2011, Obama was a community organizer at an affiliate in Chicago. The Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference received $250,000 from Mr. Soros that caused Mr. Obama to distance himself. Mr. Obama then took into consideration George’s dynamic personality which caused the President to set up a task force to help individuals and police officers become as one. Read this story at about George Soros.

Why Warren Buffett Investment Strategy Is Wrong

Warren Buffet’s approach to investing is known as bottom-up investing; he has wagered $1 million to charity in a bet that he gains better investments compared to hedge fund managers. He has simply invested in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Eventually, he will have a better chance of winning the best and getting to collect. To some point, Mr. Buffett is correct, that is, there are lots of expensive funds which end up changing investors. His commitment to low cost can be reasoned with since these investments which some people can deem to be simple will end up being bought or even held for the long term.

However, Tim Armour is investing in the passive index fund is not the wisest option, for retirement purposes, it might not be unswerving when it comes to granting a safe path. The reason being it will not be the best cushion against down markets. For the trillions which have been invested in passive index funds, only half of the investors surveyed online being aware of the losses that they would incur.

It is not entirely wrong, however, getting to have consumers being wary of product labels is something which does not get to deal with investors entirely. Most mutual funds get to provide average returns due to excessive trading high management fees. When comparing these to passive index, you do find that the risks are almost the same, the only difference is that for the index investments, there are underestimated risks and at times unknown risks.

Tim Armour’s Advice to Managers

Tim Armour’s career has been comprised of equity investment analysis, for more than 34 years, he has been able to better his investment experience. He also provided investing advice to clients thus ensuring they know what they are getting into or even what to expect.

His advice to managers is that they should not have settle for index funds; however, they need to be well prepared when investing by conducting the analysis. Furthermore, as a manager, you gain information that most market participants do not have, getting to use this will always work in your favor.

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Chris Burch’s Luxury Resort, Nihiwatu, Is Voted As World’s Best Hotel

In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu resort as the best hotel in the world. Chris Burch could not believe that his resort could make such an accomplishment within a year of being in operation. The luxury resort has loads of amazing sceneries such as waterfalls, private swimming pools, sandy beaches, and private villas. These facilities have ensured that the hotel does not only rank highly, but also becomes the preferred destination for many tourists.

James McBride and Chris Burch bought the property in 2012. The two entrepreneurs embarked on renovating the hotel to ensure that it provided its customers with memorable experiences. The renovations cost the investors over $30 million. After three years of renovations, the resort was renamed to Nihiwatu, before its highly publicized opening in 2015. These improvements helped the resort to provide the locals with work.

Chris Burch is a serial investor having invested in a variety of businesses and brands. He has also founded and co-founded brands that have been able to achieve international success. Some of the international retail brands are Tory Burch and C. Wonder. After successfully investing in other fields, he decided to venture into the competitive hospitality industry.

During his recent interview with the Business Jet Traveler, Burch said that he was pleased with the success of his resort. He added that his motivation to invest in the property was to preserve the beautiful island where the resort is located. The investment also provided him with the opportunity to give back to the society. Burch believes that the scenery provided by the hotel is unmatched. He notes that features such as a spa under a waterfall and a butler in every room make the resort a must-visit for many tourists. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas. Every villa has its plunge pool and access to several modern facilities.

About Christopher Burch

Chris Burch is a renowned investor, shrewd entrepreneur, fashion guru, and philanthropist. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital focuses on building new businesses and brands. He started entrepreneurial activities while still in school when he incorporated a company in partnership with his brother. He enhanced the entity’s profitability margins and growth before selling it. More articles to read on

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Through Burch Creative Capital, Chris owns many brands, including Poppin, TRADEMARK, Nihiwatu, Coccon9, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Most of his investments are in the tech, organic food, and hospitality industries. According to, in his 40-years career, Burch has used his extensive experience and vast knowledge as an entrepreneur and investor to facilitate the growth of over 50 companies.   For updates on Burch timeline activities, click on

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Chris Burch Article Recap

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for fashion, real estate, and technology. With years of knowledge at his disposal, he even built a five-star resort in Indonesia, which has since be dubbed the ‘best in the world.’

After he had created several globally known brands, Mr. Burch took his mass of skill to a new market, hospitality. Creating a massive beach hostel in 2012 with Hotelier James McBride. After 30 million was spent on the renovations, it was opened up as one of the best 5-star resorts on Indonesia. Named Nihiwatu, it opened in 2015, and by 2016 it was voted the best hotel in the world by several high standing names, such as Travel + Leisure. With an expected sense of hospitality, there is a staff ready to wait on you, amazing waterfalls to swim under and a host of things you’ve never done before waiting for you to come to ‘The Edge of Wildness.’ Additional article on

He didn’t start out as a wealthy serial entrepreneur though. His success began in 1976 when he was an undergrad student at Ithica College, investing 2,000 dollars with his brother to start Eagles Eye apparel before it then grew to a 165 million dollar company under their guidance. They did eventually sell Eagle’s Eye, and Mr. Burch became one of the earliest investors ever in the Internet Capital Group, More of this on  Banking on his ability to find the nexus between implementation and innovation he collected a mass of unusual successes and was able to understand consumer behavior and experience sourcing infrastructure.

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He had no boundaries in his entrepreneurial life, he didn’t allow bad ideas to hinder him and didn’t let good idea’s get away making him not only an entrepreneur but a serial entrepreneur. With a mass of real estate adventures from Florida to New York and across the globe, he has amassed a variety of income streams. He’s also gained a never-ending pool of people who look up to him for advice and wisdom. Interesting articles on  Many studies the moves he’s made and try to mirror his decisions for their own success. Mr. Burch has created a plethora of entrepreneurial successes in his wake, and will not be forgotten in any of the markets he’s touched. From fashion to technology to real estate and more Chris Burch is a name that rings with strong inspiration in the ears of budding entrepreneurs.

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