Edisoft Technology for Efficient Logistics

In the area of carrier transportation performance, key performance indicators (KPI) should be measured by the on-time performance of 100% of the carrier’s shipments. Top of the line key performance indicators will include accurate, timely and complete information from all parties. Such information gives the ability to assess the landing cost of a line item’s level by trade line, evaluate how accurate the line item data is in the free trade zone, and knowledge of the data time frames as to create accurate documents and customized filing systems.

Best practice key performance indicators extend throughout the physical, financial and regulatory aspects of supply chains. In fact, GPS real-time tracking systems give shippers access to the global trading technologies of their partners. Furthermore, the rekeying process of the order data is eliminated throughout the pick, pack and shipment stages. The big picture of Enterprise Resource Planning is to balance risks with opportunities. This type planning promotes greater performance. A supplier can deliver thousands of shipments each day! Without compromise, enterprise resource planning also reduces risks of fraud, abuse, and human error (YouTube).


Additionally, integrated warehouse automation order promotions increase staff productivity and workflow efficiency. This system does the picking, packing, and printing of the shipment stages within the warehouse. This innovative software system offers flexible options for sending and receiving files, plus solutions to eliminate vendor chargebacks. Edisoft software is effectively tailored for functionality and profitability.


Overall, today’s transportation carrier performance focuses on the metrics across functions and a trading partners performance in a particular operation within a particular carrier. Moving large amounts of data is not an issue if the right technology is in place. Edisoft, a software company, and provider of a configurable smart process supply chain help to manufacture, distribute and improve supply chain performance. Edisoft is the brains and the power behind successful logistic operations. Founded in1995, Edisoft went over and beyond their vision to provide functional solutions and full featured products to major accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software systems. Utilizing Edisoft software, small and large businesses find it so much easier to trade with their partners.