Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies to Fight Against Crime Effectively

The field of inmate communications and prison technology was neglected heavily when it comes to the integration of technology in the past couple of decades. Even though other sectors were advancing rapidly and the use of modern and advanced technology was rampant, the field of inmate communications and prison technology didn’t see much development. However, the scenario of primitive technology in the area of inmate communications and crime prevention technology was changed by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies invests heavily every year into developing products and services that would help the inmates to communicate with their loved ones efficiently and at affordable prices. The company also develops new age crime prevention and investigative technologies that would assist in keeping the criminal activity low in the prison as well as in the communities. It is because the services offered by the company such as LBS and Investigation Pro helps in passing the crucial information to the law enforcement agencies that assist in taking corrective measures at the right time before the damage is done. Convicting the offenders in the court of justice also becomes easier with the evidence supported by the high-end services of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies aims to keep its operations transparent, and with that aim in mind, the company recently published a press release on the web. In the media release, the company shared the contents of the letters written to the company by the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers have mentioned about the usage and effectiveness of the company’s products and services in the letters it wrote to the enterprise. The media release by the firm is a measure to help showcase the dedication of the company to the wider audience. As a law enforcement official myself, I am proud of what Securus Technologies is doing and how it is helping the law enforcement agencies to fight against the criminals effectively.


Better Lives Through Securus Technologies

Technological advancements in the modern days have brought about the revolution of the world. Almost everything is technologically enabled these days. As a result, the state of things has been made easier and better. For instance, correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies have adopted technological mechanisms to help prevent and solve crimes in and out of these facilities.


Securus Technologies is a firm that has turned into a national leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the purpose of monitoring, corrections, investigation, and public safety. Users of these technologies mostly are the prison and jail officials throughout the country. They have confessed to the fact that the incorporation of these technologies in their system has made their working environment better and safer.


For starters, clients have asserted that the technologies have assisted them in the capturing of corrupt staff members by use of information from phone calls. For instance, a person was arrested trying to bring in contrabands. Moreover, the monitoring of calls from inmates helped shed light on the alcohol and drug use and sale in the facilities.


Securus Technologies is a reliable vendor of choice and has meticulously served some correctional facilities for well over a decade. Its technology has brought about revolution and improvements regarding public safety. Others claim that it has largely assisted in their investigations and has improved the security posture of their jails. Besides, their investigative tools have made it possible for staff to conduct investigations in cases of harassment or potential threat to the facility. More so, the company’s LBS software has been of great help to the law enforcement in the recovery of millions placed in illegal assets and drugs.


Securus Technologies through its efforts are regarded as the leader in the provision of jail phone services. It has made the seemingly impossible, possible. Its services have improved not only the correctional facilities but also the community as a whole. It provides connections to what matters.



Here’s A Hypothetical To Let You Understand Just How Helpful Securus Technologies Is To Police

Imagine you are a police officer hot on the trail of a gang leader. You know this particular individual has committed many heinous crimes and you look forward to the day where you put the cuffs on him. There is just one problem — his gang is incredibly well organized and they all mobilize to protect him. This makes gathering evidence very difficult.


This particular gang has many of its members inside of prisons across the state. These incarcerated gang members are still an active part of the entire organized crime syndicate. That means the gang leader often communicates with those behind bars.


Here is where a breakthrough from Securus Technologies can really help you out. You can bring them a voice recording of that gang leader and they can provide you with every single telephone call he has made to a prison that the technologies company services. This amazing innovation can have you listening in on every single plan, anecdote and a joke made by that gang leader to the active, incarcerated members of his gang. And you can do all of this without a search warrant.


Securus Technologies is the telephone company that provides telephone services to many government-run prisons and jails. They are not the kind of telecommunications company that you can contract for Internet services at your house or office. They focus on prisoners and helping law enforcement.


The company hopes law-enforcement gather information by recording every phone call made one of their prisons. These recordings are stored away so that law enforcement can later search them. Their software allows a search for a particular person of interest’s voice and is capable of pulling up every single conversation that person was involved with. This breakthrough just might give you the information that you need to arrest the gang leader.


Securus Technologies Unveils New Voice Searching Technology and BICS Certification

Securus Technologies has unveiled the first software that allows investigators to pick an inmate’s voice and perform searches against its phone call database. According to a news release published by PRNewswire on September 7, the civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced that it had unveiled “Investigator Pro 4” software from its JTL Technologies division. Following the release, investigators can now single out the voice of an inmate and the party on the other end and perform matches with previous voice conversations. This will also allow investigators to find out whether the inmate is talking to released inmates or previously incarcerated inmates.

More crucially, the voice data obtained can help uncover nefarious activities, hitherto unknown to the justice system. The COO of JTL Technologies, Mr. Michael Kester told reporters that Investigator Pro 4 will bring into the forefront, the capabilities of biometrics in mapping and stopping crime on its tracts. In acknowledging Securus’ unrelenting efforts to augment law enhancement by means of technology and skill development; eleven field specialists from Securus were honored with BICSI Installer 1 Certification, a report by PRNewswire indicates. Building Industry Consulting Service (BICSI) is an international body that supports ICT.

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About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that provides advanced security solutions for public safety, monitoring and corrections with the aim of enhancing law enforcement. According to Crunchbase, Securus solutions serve a market of over 2,500 correctional facilities in 45 states and DC in the US and other North American countries. In an effort to expand a new line of service offerings, the Dallas, TX based company announced in April, 2015 that it is acquiring JPay. According to the report published by PRNewswire, the move will help Securus explore the benefits of electronic payments, educational apps and entertainment apps in the corrections settings.



Inmates Given New Way To File Complaints With Securus

Just as many businesses have upgraded from paper application forms to digital database filing forms, correctional facilities are also starting to move to paperless filing systems. Securus Technologies is now giving inmates an electronic filing system for filling out grievance reports, and processing them all through Securus’s management system. Now guards don’t have to spend as much time carrying and processing paperwork, and prison personnel such as nurses and technicians can get their jobs done quicker. The cost of printers and paper is being dramatically reduced and now administrators have more flexibility to upgrade safety and security measures in their facilities. Watch more on


Securus Technologies has given correctional facilities a high-tech communications infrastructure that has saved money for both inmates and prison staff. Securus instant mail is a system that works a little bit like email, only the contents are scanned before being sent on to the inmate. This system has allowed prisons to scale back on mailroom expenses, and has also diminished the flow of contraband into facilities. Securus has also implemented affordable phone minute options, both as prepay and billing that give inmates and their families an easier time communicating. And when visits become hard to come by, family members can now talk to their incarcerated loved one face to face over video visitation software.


Securus has been in business since 1986, serving the Dallas area and most of Texas, but has expanded its products into other states. Currently, Securus services about 2,600 facilities and is looking to add more. Securus has become accredited by the Better Business Bureau for its outstanding work, and has even brought to light corrupt practices by other prison telecom companies.