Dan Newlin: A Passionate Public Servant

Dan Newlin has been interested in serving the public since the young age of eighteen. He became a paramedic for the city of New Chicago, Indiana at that young age. After seeing wonderful things, like a baby coming into the world, he then took a job as a police officer in the same city. He then moved to work for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. While working there, he was a member of the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, and the Tourist Policing Division. Newlin also got a lot of awards and honors. One of them was for “going above and beyond the call of duty” and for extraordinary service by the United States Marshall’s Office. Newlin¬†worked full-time and also starting going to college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He felt very fortunate that his employer let him attend college while he continued to work Then he decided to attend a law school in Florida while continue to work for the Sheriff’s Department full-time. As much as he loved his job and helping people, he decided that he wanted to move on and help people in another way.

After Dan Newlin¬†graduated from law school in 2000, he opened a law firm with some partners. He and his partners help people with all kinds of accident, injury, personal injury, medical negligence, and wrongful death cases. They are top of the line attorneys and are totally dedicated to the clients that they serve everyday.He is partnered with eighteen attorneys and they have seventy-five employees that assist them in meeting all of their client’s needs. Mr. Newlin has gotten back a lot of money and help a lot of clients all throughout the state of Florida. He has a love for helping people as all of his career choices from paramedic to attorney have proven. Even as an attorney, he gets honors. He and his legal partners got the very elite award of Super Lawyer Law Firm, which not very many law firms or lawyers get. Unlike many lawyers, Newlin is licensed to practice law in two states, Florida and Illinois. Also, unlike a lot of attorneys today, they still offer a free consultation Any client that obtains for legal representation I truly believe will never be sorry because he will give his clients all he has and help them in any way that he possibly can.