Comcast Sued Over Near Fatal Wash. Home Invasion

Have you ever had the dream that someone is trying to kill you, so you go to call 911 but the phone isn’t working? It’s terrifying. But then you wake up and the worst possible scenario that you have on your hands is that you wet the bed.

Shortly after moving into their new home in Kirkland, WA in September of 2013, Leena Rawat and her family became the victims of a near fatal home invasion due to a Comcast security system that didn’t work the way they were told it would. You might be saying “well no one died, so what’s the big deal?”.

The big deal is that the two men who broke into their home tortured their 18 month old son and tried to cut his arms and legs off with a knife, leaving the little guy in a pool of blood.

Comcast is saying that their disclaimer releases them from any liability and that they are confident their security system functioned properly. I spoke to Igor Cornelsen about this and he says there’s no way this disclaimer will hold up. The outcome to the lawsuit is pending.