Sanjay Shah Solo Capital

One of the leading investment firms in the world that is increasing fast and exhibiting a solid foundation for their specialties is called Solo Capital. They particularly target proprietary trading and consulting as well as sports consulting. As a company that rapidly increased their company within a matter of years, they certainly know how to run business smoothly and effectively. Sanjay Shah is the man behind the successful company, Solo Capital. He started it on a whim after hiring a few college graduates and trading partners and decided to hit the floor running. He has years of experience in the financial and accounting world, and implemented his skills into forming Solo Capital into a million dollar business. They now have an estimated net worth of $280 million, and it has allowed Shah to be able to semi-retire.

He was born in Kenya and traveled to Central London with his family and that is were it all began. In Central London, he attended King’s College where he studied medicine. After several classes he decided that it wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to become a doctor anymore. So he decided that he would turn his major to accounting. He studied accounting and finance, and graduated with his degree which would help lay the foundation for his future companycheck, Solo Capital. The firm escalated fast, and Shah was pleased with the outcome. After being able to sit back a bit, and semi-retire from the firm, he was able to invest his time in something very close to his heart, autism.

His son was two years old when him and his wife decided take him to a specialist to find out what was going on with his mannerisms. The diagnosis of autism was not something they were expected, not something they wanted. However, they understood that it’s not something that can be cured or fixed, but they could help aid in the research and causes of the neurological condition. With immense hard work and dedication, he was able to start his very own charity called Autism Rocks in 2014. He had years of experience in the music industry and in fact had many musician friends that were more than willing to help him out by staging concerts all over the world to help raise donations for the cause. Shah was able to donate his own funds before the start of Autism Rocks but he wanted to be able to do more. That’s why he invested his time and energy into his charity. He has donated money to some of the universities that have taken part in research and helping families cope with the effects of the condition. It can be a hard thing to muster but he wants to make it better.