Drew Madden: an Expert in Healthcare Consulting and Developing Caliber Teams

Drew Madden is an IT expert and the principal of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a guru in epic systems, Electronic Medical Records, and Healthcare Information. Drew Madden’s educational background is in industrial engineering.

 Drew Madden’s career history and achievement

 Drew Madden first job was at the University of Iowa as a student advisor; he worked at this facility for four years become accepting a job at Cener Corporation. During his tenure in this company, he spent time implementing clinical applications at hospitals in Chicago. He acquired certification from Emar, PharmNet, and CPOE application modules. In 2006, Drew Madden took up a position with Helthia Consulting/Ingenix where he helped implement Epic Inpatient applications across the Midwest. While working at Helthia Consulting/Ingenix, he helped the company acquire certification in Inpatient Procedure Orders, Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Medication Orders, and Willow. He has also worked as a regional sales director at Ingenix Consulting. In 2010, Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. took up a position at Nordic Consulting Partners where he worked as the executive vice president for seven months. Nordic Consulting is one of the top consulting firms. This company has also won numerous awards and has been ranked position one for excelling in the provision of Epic implementation services. Under Drew Maddens leadership, Nordic Consulting Partners grew to a 725 employee firm and increased its annual revenue by $130,000,000. He has also been able to grow the company from a three client to 150 partners.

 Drew Madden’s role at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

 Drew Madden currently serves as the managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a company he helped establish. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the top provider of IT services to clinical facilities in the country. This company provides a broad range of services for its vast clientele. This privately held firm works with a team of specialized individuals whose goal is to create long-lasting relationships with customers. Evergreen Healthcare partners are committed to providing specialized advisory services for HCIT applications and HER platforms. Drew Madden works tirelessly to ensure that both his staff and customers feel empowered to achieve more, improve outcomes, maximize their IT investments, and double end-user satisfaction.

InnovaCare Health Continues To Provide The Highest Quality With Leaders Including Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

One of the largest industries in the world is healthcare and one of the best providers is InnovaCare Health. Their services are always innovative, their models cost effective, and their leadership reflected in individuals like Rick Shinto. The healthcare industry is complicated due to the different divisions and factors it encompasses. InnovaCare Health provides services for both Medicare and Medicaid in a manner both contemporary and technologically advanced. Their Puerto Rican base includes 7,500 healthcare providers for 20,000 members.

The President of the company is Dr. Rick Shinto who brings two decades of experience and an expertise in healthcare to InnovaCare Health. He has held prestigious titles and served numerous companies in the medical field with his skill and knowledge. Many consider him to be extremely overqualified for the positions he has held yet there is no doubt he has been effective.

Visit: https://www.mso-pr.com/noticias/MMMH-PRD-MIS-392-081114-E Fotocalce MP.PDF

Three individuals have been added to the InnovaCare Health team. The first is Penelope Kokkinides who brings two decades experience in Medicaid and Medicare along with an extensive education. She rejoined the company in 2015 and was once the CEO for InnovaCare Health. Her extensive experience includes her service to Touchstone Health, Centerlight Healthcare, and AmeriChoice. Penelope Kokkinides has impressive credentials including the Master Degree in Social Work she earned while attending the New York University, her Masters degree in the field of Public Health from her studies at the Columbia university School, and the Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences she received upon her graduation from the BingHampton University. InnovaCare Health is delighted to have her return to the company.

InnovaCare Health has a firm commitment to continue their forward momentum with their participation in LAN. This is a network for Learning and Action within the healthcare payment industry. LAN increases a companies productivity with payment models solely based on quality instead of the concept of quantity. Many companies have chosen to become a part of a new Reform Payment Model including InnovaCare Health.

The purpose of InnovaCare Health is in the provisions of managed healthcare services. They serve North America with two main types of available care including Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Their strong commitment to healthcare is admirable and they strive to keep costs down while using the very latest available in technology. InnovaCare Health was created with a mission to redefine the industry of healthcare while standing strong in the challenges of the complicated environment. The relationships they have with their patients receive top priority and they provide care that is carefully coordinated, extremely effective, and driven by quality and innovation.

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Tips For A Better Health And The Benefits of Life Line

We don’t usually notice health issues until we get older. We often overlook certain preventive test because we don’t think it is necessary or insurance will not pay for it. But there are several ways to reduce stress so that your overall health will stay in good standing. Men’s health seems to be overlooked a great deal too. But below, there are tips to keep your health in good standing if you follow them.

Stress is a biggy. Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your whole body if you aren’t careful. It can weaken the immune system, reduce the energy felt by the individual, and affect how you react and think. The best way to reduce stress is by trying to meditate, get out of the house and do something enjoyable, or relax by taking a hot bath.

Working out is another great tool and tip to a healthier you. By improving cardiovascular health, it increases blow flow throughout the body, raises the oxygen level in the blood, gets your thyroid to working better, and raises the amount of a substance called, dopamine, in the body. Working out also reduces your blood pressure and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Blood pressure is something that needs to be recorded and kept an eye on if you are experiencing challenges with blood pressure. With an alleviated blood pressure you are at risk for a heart attack or a stroke. Exercising can help reduce the blood pressure to a safe level.

The thyroid gland is a magnificent organ that controls so many areas. Life Line Screening controls temperature, moods, weight, among various other areas. A simple blood test can reveal if you are experiencing any thyroid conditions. If you are finding yourself to be more fatigued, it doesn’t hurt to have this level checked.

It is a proven fact that sleep can affect how you feel and react the next day. It is said that a person needs to sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night and not to sleep past 10 hours per night. Extra sleep can cause symptoms too. It can cause a reduction in a person’s energy throughout the day. By putting yourself on a regular sleep schedule nightly, your body’s circadian rhythm synchronize and the quality of your sleep will be much better.

Life Line Screening is a company that offers low cost screenings to everyone nationwide. The services they offer are blood pressure checks, blood sticks to evaluate different areas of the blood for potential problems, and x-rays. By having Life Line Screening check these vital areas, it can save the patient a great deal of problems later on. This keeps the doctors and the patients in the know before their health takes a turn for the worse to learn more: https://www.inc.com/profile/life-line-screening click here.

Renown Healthcare Continues to Expand

The summit mall clinic in South Reno scheduled for this spring will be the latest new practice clinic of Renown Health. The clinic provides laboratory and primary care with a possibility of increasing services in future. The medical director of Renown medical group, Dr. McCormack participated in a phone interview with NNBW. He mentioned that the clinic aims at designing to provide a more inviting and comfortable setting for those looking for its services. They want to create a more flexible space such that when patients go to the clinic, they feel like they are in their living room. They will also design a conference room where the staff can discuss on medical matters with their patients. Dr. McCormack also mentioned that there might be changes in the healthcare industry.

The changes may occur due to President Trump’s administration proposed appeals such as replacement of Obamacare.The clinic at South Reno has 11 staff. They are looking for additional primary care physicians and more nurses. The hospital is built on a 10,000 square-foot land, and it has three vacant storefronts. The architect and design of the facility were done by Eric Fong of MBA Architects while Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC are the contractors. Demolition was done by November, plumbing and electrical and interior finishes were completed in February. As McCormack said, the growing population and improved economy in Truckee Meadows’ require more primary care clinics.

About Renown Healthcare

Renown is a locally governed nonprofit making healthcare network. It is the Northern Nevada’s healthcare leader and Reno’s owned clinic. They offer a variety of services such as urgent care services, lab services, primary care doctors, imaging and x-rays services. Their aim is to help people live a healthier life. With more than 6,000 nurse, caregivers and doctors, the healthcare are dedicated to helping improve the health of the community and their every day all year well-being. As a not for profit making organization, its income remains within the organization and is reinvested into equipment, programs and people who serve the community better.

Learn about USHEALTH Advisors in 3 minutes

They are a marketing firm of USHEALTH Group. Their main specialty is marketing a plan of regular health coverage plans insured and underwritten by USHEALTH Group family of insurance companies. Their target market is the people of America, small business owners, employees, and people who depend on them and, self-employed entrepreneurs.

USHEALTH Advisors have been with the firm for over thirty-five years. Together with USHEALTH Group and its companies, they have vast experience in serving the needs of the American citizen health care. The variety of products they offer provides opportunities to support the requirements of the people’s insurance buyer in times when health costs keep increasing.

Innovative compensation

They advance according to the percentage of given business first-year profits on a weekly basis. Monthly pay combined with invested renewals gives a chance for their agents to earn a good salary.

Corporate support

The customer service of USHEALTH Group offers accurate and fast responses to queries regarding claims and policies, officials know their policyholders are getting quality support. MyUSHG introduced more efficiency in the client’s portal thus the client’s self-services opportunities enable them to receive faster and real-time feedback through the internet.


The group has new bonuses for all their agents. The levels needed to qualify for bonuses are attainable and can be maintained by regular submission of activities.


The USHEALTH group several communication avenues that they use to keep their sales team with up to date developments and allow them to exchange ideas.

Leadership dedication

The leaders at USHEALTH Advisors appreciate the crucial role played by agents and sales team for the success of the company. Every leader is a skilled health care professional and has massive experience in the field. They have the knowledge on how to succeed in health insurance. They offer you the materials and training needed to be successful as well.

In conclusion, USHEALTH Advisors believe in unmatched value and care. They are flexible, secure, and affordable. They have a portfolio of covers allows individuals to tailor coverage to their needs. They are the innovators of the industry with massive experience in health coverage.

Highland Capital Management Uses Innovative Strategies To Add Value To Investors

Over 20 years ago, Mike Okada and James Dondero incorporated Highland Capital Management. The corporation has approximately $15.4 billion in assets. This SEC registered investment advisor is one of the largest and most experienced alternative credit managers.

The firm specializes in credit strategies, including credit hedge funds. Highland has pioneered different innovative products in the market. The entity is revered for developing collateralized loan obligation (CLO), long-only funds, distressed private equity, separate accounts and special-situation private equity. In addition, the firm offers alternative investments that include natural resources, long/short equities, and emerging markets. Highland Capital Management provides its products and service to different clients around the globe. Their consumer base consists of corporations, governments, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, foundations, as well as funds of funds, endowments and pension plans. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Because of its global presence, Highland has opened offices in New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo and Singapore.

Highland’s investment approach guarantees both institutional and retail investors above average and consistent returns. Additionally, Highland believes in capital preservation and applying tested and proven principles to target a suitable risk/return balance in its entire portfolio. The company specializes in enhancing various strategies that seeks to add value to an investor by offering access to special asset classes or augmenting the investment process. In addition, the corporation has been using fundamental analysis, trading capabilities and proactive diligence to identify mispricing.

James Dondero has a deep background in credit and retail markets. This way, he has been able to provide visionary leadership at Highland Capital Management. The company recruits the services of different professionals. By virtue of working in teams, these experts have managed to provide clients with products and services that satisfy their utility.

Highland Capital Management values the community. Over the years, the organization has been investing in different initiatives, especially in the communities where its professionals work and live. The firm has a comprehensive plan of transforming communities through financial donations, involvement of advisory board and volunteerism. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management and its partners have contributed over $10 million to various organizations worldwide. Mostly, the company funds initiatives that concentrate on education, veteran’s affairs and healthcare.